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  1. Persian Mirrors: The Elusive Face of Iran - eBookThis product is an eBook
    Elaine Sciolino
    Free Press / 2001 / ePub
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  1. Cyrus the Persian
    Sherman A. Nagel
    AB Publishing / 2003 / Trade Paperback
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The most fascinating story that a man could write is that kind which deals with history that God has shaped. And Cyrus the Persian is that kind of a story, intensely alive and absorbing, because it is drawn from the history of the Jewish people up to the time of their delivery under Cyrus the Great, King of the Medes and the Persians. In recreating this captivating story, Mr. Nagel has "let in the romantic charm of ancient Babylon, and the mystic enchantment of the far east,". He has show us what inspiring heroism grows from faith in the Lord who continually shapes the destinies of His own.

    The Persians and Other Plays shows how Aeschylus brought epic sweep to the drama of classical Athens, raising it to the status of high art. The Persians depicts the final defeat of Persia in the battle of Salamis through the eyes of the Persian court. In Prometheus Bound, the defiant Titan Prometheus is punished by Zeus for daring to improve the state of servitude in which mankind is kept.

    1. The Story of Civilization Vol. I, The Ancient World - Text Book
      Phillip Campbell
      TAN Books / 2016 / Trade Paperback
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    The Story of Civilization Volume I: The Ancient World From the Dawn of History to the Conversion of Constantine is a Catholic homeschool history text that seeks to instill children with a robust sense of identity as Catholics with an understanding of the Catholic Church's history and of the civilizations and societies shaped by Catholic culture.

    Written in a narrative, conversational, story-teller's style with black and white illustrations interspersed, short chapters bring students through larger events and streams of history, with a special emphasis on saints and missionaries through time. Students will study the rise of agriculture, Ancient Egypt, the Akkadian, Sumerian, and other Mesopotamian civilizations, the Kingdom of David, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the rise of Christianity, and the early years of the Catholic church.

    Kindergarten - Grade 8.

    335 pages, indexed, softcover.

      1. An American in Persia: A Pilgrimage to Iran
        Richard A. Kauffman, Arli Klassen
        Pandora Press U. S. / 2010 / Trade Paperback
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      Long before the first Hebrew temple, before the birth of Christ or the mission of Muhammad, there lived in Persia a prophet to whom we owe the ideas of a single god, the cosmic struggle between good and evil, and the Apocalypse. His name was Zarathustra, and his teachings eventually held sway from the Indus to the Nile and spread as far as Britain.

      Following Zarathustra's elusive trail back through time and across the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish worlds, Paul Kriwaczek uncovers his legacy at a wedding ceremony in present-day Central Asia, in the Cathar heresy of medieval France, and among the mystery cults of the Roman empire.

      He explores pre-Muslim Iran and Central Asia, ultimately bringing us face-to-face with the prophet himself, a teacher whose radical humility shocked and challenged his age, and whose teachings have had an enduring effect on Western thought. The result is a tour of travel and historical inquiry by an adventurer in the classic tradition.