The Alamo & Davy Crockett

1836 / 1786-1836

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    1. Abeka Remember the Alamo!
      Amelia E. Barr
      Abeka / Trade Paperback
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    This historical fiction reader will give middle and high-school students a detailed look at the fall of the Alamo. This riveting novel follows the family of American Dr. Robert Worth and his Mexican wife, Dona Maria, through the Texan war for independence. 252 pages. Grades 5-12. Part of the "Adventures in History" series.

    1. What Was the Alamo?
      Meg Belviso, Pam Pollack
      Grosset & Dunlap / 2013 / Trade Paperback
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    "Remember the Alamo!" is still a rallying cry more than 175 years after the siege in Texas---find out why! Two hundred Americans held off more than two thousand soldiers of the Mexican Army for twelve days before defeat. Only two Texans survived. The siege was a crucial turning point in the Texas Revolution, and led to the creation of the Republic of Texas. With 80 black-and-white illustrations throughout and a 16-page black-and-white photo insert, young readers will relive the battle of the Alamo!

    1. Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures #10: Showdown at the Alamo
      Jeff Brown
      HarperCollins / 2013 / Hardcover
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      1. The Alamo: A Radio Dramatization
        Jerry Robbins, The Colonial Radio Players
        Colonial Radio Theatre on Brilliance Audio / 2012 / Compact disc
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      General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna arrives in San Antonio with 6,000 troops and begins to besiege the Alamo for 13 days. Flying a red flag and playing the El Deguello (cut the throat), Santa Anna signals that no quarter will be given to the defenders.

      You will be there with David Crocket, Jim Bowie, William Travis, and 16-year-old David Cummings as they fight to the bitter end in this spectacular epic production of one of the world's most famous battles.

      Unabridged audio CD; approximately 1 hour 14 minutes; 1 CD; performed by Jerry Robbins and The Colonial Radio Players.

      Please note: There are a few instances where the language may be mildly objectionable.

      1. The Mystery at the Alamo
        Gertrude Chandler Warner
        Albert Whitman & Company / 1997 / Trade Paperback
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      The Alden children are on their way to Texas for a vacation at the Alamo! Once they arrive, they discover that they are unable to tour the Alamo. . . because there is a movie being filmed there! And the kids get asked to be extras in the film. The kids are so excited to be a part of the movie magic, until strange accidents start happening that cause the film to post pone a lot of shoots. Is it sabotage? Can the Boxcar Children figure out who is trying to shut this film down?

        1. On to the Alamo: Colonel Crockett's Exploits and Adventures in Texas - eBookThis product is an eBook
          John Seelye
          Penguin Classics / 2003 / ePub
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        David "Davy" Crockett (1786-1836) was born in Tennessee, fought alongside Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812, and later served three terms in the House of Representatives before heading to Texas, where he died defending the Alamo. Col. Crockett's Exploits and Adventures in Texas, first published after Crockett's death and disingenuously attributed to him, was written by Richard Penn Smith as a narrative that promoted a sanitized account of the Alamo as a heroic effort by Americans to stem the Mexican "invasion" of Texas. The story, which was a huge success in its day, created a myth of the battle that pervaded the collective American memory for more than 150 years and reinforced the image of Davy Crockett as the "King of the Frontier."

              1. Who Was Davy Crockett?
                Gail Herman
                Grosset & Dunlap / 2013 / Trade Paperback
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              Now kids can learn all about the real story versus the legend of the King of the Wild Frontier! Davy Crockett, the King of the Wild Frontier, is said to have killed 105 bears---his first when he was three years old. His smile alone killed another, and he skinned a bear by forcing him to run between two trees. Fact or fiction? In this biography, kids will learn who Davy Crockett really was---a man who did love to hunt, who served as a congressman for Tennessee, and who fought and died at the Alamo in Texas.

              1. Davy Crockett: Ever Westward
                Janet Benge, Geoff Benge
                Ywam Publishing / 2011 / Trade Paperback
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              The Heroes of History series chronicles the true stories of fascinating men and women who changed the course of history.

              Growing up in Greene County Tennessee, Davy Crockett was educated through the toil of hard labor. Working as a farm hand and wagon driver, he learned about the people and the land of the West-and he was captivated. The untamed wilderness, the sound of wild animals, and the roar of the river would be his destiny.

              For ages 10 and up.

                1. Childhood of Famous Americans: Davy Crockett, Young Rifleman
                  Aileen Wells Parks, Justin Pearson
                  Aladdin / 1986 / Trade Paperback
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                One of the most popular series ever published for young Americans, the Childhood of Famous Americans series has been praised alike by parents, teachers, and librarians. Davy Crockett: Young Rifleman, is a lively, inspiring, fictionalized biography that will sweep your youngster right into history. Recommended for ages 8 to 12.

                1. Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
                  Davy Crockett
                  Dover Publications / Trade Paperback
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                        1. Davy Crockett: His own Story
                          David Crockett
                          Applewood Books / 1993 / Trade Paperback
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                          Stock No: WW82184

                        Originally published in 1834, this autobiography was actucally written by Davy Crocket himself. And so, the flavor of the times and the place come through. It's more like a tall tale of the life of the frontiersman than it is a true autobiography, but that just adds to the book's fun. When it first came out, this book went a long way toward establishing Davy Crockett as a larger-than-life American hero.

                        1. Davy Crockett: A Life on the Frontier, Ready-to-Read Level 3
                          Stephen Krensky
                          Aladdin / 2004 / Trade Paperback
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                        Learn about famous frontiersman and Congressman Davy Crockett! In words just right for beginning readers, this story is full of adventure and true history bound to inspire any young child! 48 illustrated pages, softcover. Level 3 reading level with paragraphs, short chapters and varied sentence structure.

                          1. Battle of the Alamo, The
                            Capstone Press / Trade Paperback
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