George H.W. Bush


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    In 41: A Portrait of My Father, George W. Bush describes his father's eventful and remarkable three decades in politics--from the painful defeats in the Texas Senate races of 1964 and 1970, to his unlikely service as a diplomat and CIA director, to his eight years as Ronald Reagan's Vice President, and finally to his election as President in 1988. During his four years in the Oval Office, George H.W. Bush guided the nation through the peaceful end of the Cold War, oversaw the liberation of Panama and Kuwait, and made tough economic decisions that laid the foundation for future prosperity.

    More than a biography, George W. Bush reflects on his father's influence at his own personal and political crossroads and reveals how George H.W. Bush's quiet, steady emotional support carried him through difficult times. 41 is a stirring tribute to an inspiring father and great American. Hardcover.