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  • Meet Sojourner Truth---the tall, powerful former slave and abolitionist whose biblically based call for equality for both African Americans and women secured her a place in U.S. history. What set her apart? The willingness to live courageously for Christ, even in the midst of impossible situations. Her words brought audiences to their feet, acknowledging her strength and wisdom. 208 pages, softcover from Barbour.
  1. Narrative of Sojourner Truth
    Sojourner Truth
    Penguin Classics / 1998 / Trade Paperback
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A symbol of the strength of African American women and a champion of the rights of all women, Sojourner Truth was an illiterate former slave named Isabella who transformed herself into a vastly powerful orator. Truth's magnetism brought her fame in her own time, and her story gives us a vivid picture of nineteenth-century life in the North, where blacks, enslaved or free, lived in relative isolation from one another. This volume contains the "Book of Life", including the "Ar'n't I a Woman" speech as well as "A Memorial Chapter" about her death. 264 pages, softcover.

  1. Sojourner Truth: Path to Glory
    Peter Merchant
    Aladdin / Trade Paperback
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Introduce your young readers to the true story of American hero Sojourner Truth. Following her life as a slave, she became one of the most respected and well-known speakers for both anti-slavery laws as well as women's rights. Bold illustrations and the fascinating story of her life is told in rich vocabulary and longer chapters for Level 3 proficient readers. 47 pages, softcover; timeline included.

  1. Sojourner Truth: Voice for Freedom
    Kathleen V. Kudlinski
    Aladdin / 2003 / Trade Paperback
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  1. Sojourner Truth's Step-Stomp Stride
    Andrea Davis Pinkney
    Hyperion / 2009 / Hardcover
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Beautifully illustrated, this biography picture book tells the amazing story of freed slave Sojourner Truth. Learn about her birth into slavery, being sold away from her parents at the age of 9, and her run for freedom. Discover the amazing stand that Sojourner Truth took as she campaigned for equal rights for black people and women. Featuring excerpts from her famous 'Ain't I a woman?' speech; Recommended for ages 5-9.

  1. Who Was Sojourner Truth?
    Yona Zeldis McDonough, Jim Eldridge, Nancy Harrison
    Grosset & Dunlap / 2015 / Trade Paperback
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Read and learn about an important historical figure in American history with Who Was Sojourner Truth? by Yona McDonough. A slave, an abolitionist, and devoted Christian, and an early advocate of women's rights, Sojourner Truth is a worthy addition to the Who Was. . . ? series. Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years.

  1. Sojourner Truth: Voice for Freedom
    Kathleen V. Kudlinski
    Aladdin / 2003 / Trade Paperback
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  1. A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth
    David A. Adler
    Holiday House / 1994 / Trade Paperback
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Discover the life story of one of American history's most imporant orators & freedom fighters.

Sojourner Truth was born into slavery 1797, and what she would learn and do during her lifetime would change the country. She was one of the first African-American women in the United States to win a lawsuit against a white man. She traveled the country speaking out against slavery and racist injustice, and for her efforts she met and talked with two different presidents. Introduce young readers to a remarkable story of a woman who always believed there was more work to be done. 32 pages, softcover. Grades Prek-2.

  1. Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World: Book Five: Sojourner Truth
    Amy L. Sullivan
    CreateSpace Publishing / 2018 / Trade Paperback
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Book Five in the Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World series introduces readers to Sojourner Truth, a champion for African Americans, women, and the Gospel.

Sojourner, a former slave who was never taught to read or write, refused to remain silent while injustice prevailed. Instead, Sojourner traveled the country speaking truth about slavery, truth about women, and truth about God’s powerful love.

Young readers are taken back in time to meet one of history’s most tenacious women.