Pacific, West Coast, & Alaska Native Americans

Tlingit, Haida, Inuit, Salish, Makah, Gitxsan, & other Nations

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The great stories of the Haida Indians are told by Dr. Reid, wife of a great Indian artist. The complicated tales of Raven, Eagle, Bear Mother, etc., are unfolded.

Their work often celebrates the animals around them, such as ravens, whales, and bears, but also creatures of legend and mythology like the thunderbird. Children and adults will enjoy coloring these unparalleled designs to gain a deeper appreciation for Native American culture. Softcover, 54 pages.

    This fascinating book explores how igloos are made, and their role within Inuit life. Find out common questions such as why they don't melt, how long the last, and how safe they are, as well as about the traditions that surround them. Family life, roles, games, children, travel, hunting, and location all play a large role in where, why, by whom and when igloos are constructed; these aspects and more all fully covered. 117 pages, softcover.