History Odyssey Level 1

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How Does the History Odyssey Series Work?

A well-done introduction to history can fascinate students for the rest of their lives! Pandia Press' History Odyssey lesson guides will help bring young students through a year-long, comprehensive studies of literature, world geography, and history from the Ancient Times to Modern Times.

Easy-to-use lessons are arranged chronologically by region, with three "Timeline Timeouts" designed to help students synthesize the chronological events on their timeline. Lessons are designed for parents to guide students through the study, and include checkboxes for the day's reading, assignments, and activities, which rely on separate resources and books.

Level 1 guides are designed for students in grades 1-4 (except for The Modern Times Level 1 which is for grades 3-6), who are in the classical "grammar" stage of education. Full of engaging activities that tell history as an exciting story, Level 1 utilizes many activities that provide a hands-on experience through craft projects, art projects, cooking, and coloring. A keepsake book final project is also included.

Level 2 guides are designed for students in grades 7-9, who are in the classical "logic" stage of education. In level two, students learn information organization, literary analysis, research skills, and writing skills through reading some of the greatest historical literature for each time period. Level two also teaches advanced outlining and summarizing skills, how to write a biography, research skills, beginning literary analysis, critical thinking and analytical skills. The end of the guide includes all the necessary historical blackline-master maps.

Level 3 guides are designed for students grades 9 & up, who are in the classical "rhetoric" stage of education. Level three guides are designed to be rigorous independent study courses that present original writings and classic works by masters such as Plato, Homer, and Shakespeare. The step by step lessons in each course guide students in tackling rewarding literature, writing persuasive arguments, forming a thesis, and creating research papers. Level three study guides contain numerous writing and research assignments and prepare students for college entrance.

Level 1, Grades 1-4

        Grades 3-6

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