Queen Elizabeth II


The Faith of Queen Elizabeth offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Her Majesty's Christian faith. Drawing on historical archives, royal biographies, and accounts of interactions with historic figures such as Winston Churchill, Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, and Margaret Thatcher, award-winning author Dudley Delffs uses them as brushstrokes to create a stunning portrait of Queen Elizabeth unlike any other. As entertaining as The Crown, and as refreshing as a cup of tea, this book gives a greater understanding and a deeper appreciation of the spiritual legacy of the world's most famous woman.

    The Queen, when she was 21, declared that her whole life whether it was long or short would be devoted to service. At the coronation, she was set apart for service after the example of Jesus Christ. In Her Majesty's diamond jubilee year, the Dean of Westminster recalls the coronation, and special commemorations attended by The Queen in Westminster Abbey in recent years, including the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (which reached a television audience of 2.2 billion people). He offers an insight into some very special occasions -- not all widely known -- and reflects on a pattern of leadership as devoted service.

    Queen Elizabeth II: The Queen Who Chose To Serve by Alison Mitchell, Princess Elizabeth never expected to be Queen. But when she was ten years old, her uncle King Edward VIII, abdicated and everything changed. Her father became King, but died after 15 years on the throne. Elizabeth was crowned Queen when she was 25 years old, becoming the longest serving monarch in British history.

    An inspiring kids' biography that highlights Queen Elizabeth II's Christian faith, key moments in her life, and in particular what she said in her Christmas Day speeches. Hardcover, 24 pages.

    How did a little girl who loved horses become the longest reigning monarch in England? Find out in this addition to the #1 New York Times best-selling Who Was? series!

    In 1936, the life of ten-year-old Princess Elizabeth of York changed forever. Although she was a member of the British Royal Family, she never expected to become queen. But when her uncle Edward gave up the throne, suddenly her father was the new king, which meant young Elizabeth was next in line!

    Queen Elizabeth has reigned since 1953, and while there are palaces galore, the crown jewels, and trips around the world, her life has been one of strict discipline and duty.

    This riveting chronicle follows the life of a woman who is a public figure and an intensely private person and explores how she has kept the monarchy together through good times and bad.112 pages, softcover. Grades: 3-6.