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  1. The Landmark History of the American People, Volume 1: From Plymouth to the West
    Daniel J. Boorstin, Ruth F. Boorstin
    Avyx Inc / 2013 / Trade Paperback
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Originally published as The Landmark History of the American People from Plymouth to Appomattox, which came out in 22 chapters from 1968-1987, this edition features new text alongside updated and revised text and new, colorful illustrations, timelines, and maps.

The first in a 2-volume series, this book covers the plantations and earliest settlements from Massachusetts to Virginia, the path towards the Revolutionary War, immigration and new states post-Revolution, and Westward Expansion. Engaging, lively chapters are filled with the dramatic true stories of history, giving students a unique perspective into the lives of people who lived long ago, yet continue to impact the character of our nation. Image-rich chapters feature numerous art reproductions, annotated maps, and helpful graphics. Readers will gain an understanding of the trajectories of historical events and the people who influenced the course of history through this unique history text. 169 pages, indexed, softcover. Grades 6 & up.

  1. Bridge To America: Based on a True Story - eBookThis product is an eBook
    Linda Glaser
    Clarion Books / 2005 / ePub
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  1. Across America on an Emigrant Train
    Jim Murphy
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / Trade Paperback
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An account of Robert Louis Stevenson's twelve day journey from New York to California in 1879, interwoven with a history of the building of the transcontinental railroad and the settling of the West. 160 pages, softcover.

  1. The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration
    Isabel Wilkerson
    Vintage / 2011 / Trade Paperback
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From 1915 to 1970, this exodus of almost six million people changed the face of America. Wilkerson compares this epic migration to the migrations of other peoples in history. She interviewed more than a thousand people, and gained access to new data and official records, to write this definitive and vividly dramatic account of how these American journeys unfolded, altering our cities, our country, and ourselves.

With stunning historical detail, Wilkerson tells this story through the lives of three unique individuals: Ida Mae Gladney, who in 1937 left sharecropping and prejudice in Mississippi for Chicago, where she achieved quiet blue-collar success and, in old age, voted for Barack Obama when he ran for an Illinois Senate seat; sharp and quick-tempered George Starling, who in 1945 fled Florida for Harlem, where he endangered his job fighting for civil rights, saw his family fall, and finally found peace in God; and Robert Foster, who left Louisiana in 1953 to pursue a medical career, the personal physician to Ray Charles as part of a glitteringly successful medical career, which allowed him to purchase a grand home where he often threw exuberant parties.

Wilkerson brilliantly captures their first treacherous and exhausting cross-country trips by car and train and their new lives in colonies that grew into ghettos, as well as how they changed these cities with southern food, faith, and culture and improved them with discipline, drive, and hard work. Both a riveting microcosm and a major assessment, The Warmth of Other Suns is a bold, remarkable, and riveting work, a superb account of an “unrecognized immigration” within our own land. Through the breadth of its narrative, the beauty of the writing, the depth of its research, and the fullness of the people and lives portrayed herein, this book is destined to become a classic.

  1. The History of U.S. Immigration: Data - PDF Download [Download]This is a digital download product
    Cathy D'Alessandro, Noelle Hoffmeister
    Teacher Created Materials / 2018 / PDF Download
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Immigrants help make the United States a special place. Learn all about the history of immigration to the United States as you sharpen your data measurement skills! This math book seamlessly integrates the teaching of math and reading, and uses real-world examples to teach math concepts. Text features include images, a glossary, an index, captions, and a table of contents to build students' vocabulary and reading comprehension skills as they interact with the text. The rigorous practice problems, sidebars, and math diagrams extend the learning experience and provide multiple opportunities for students to practice what they have learned. The Math Talk section provides an in-depth problem-solving experience to challenge higher-order thinking skills.

  1. Immigration: Starting a New Life - PDF Download [Download]This is a digital download product
    Lisa Perlman Greathouse
    Teacher Created Materials / 2014 / PDF Download
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Engage students and encourage everyone to participate in acting out this inspiring story about a family's journey to emigrate to America. With different roles written at various reading levels, teachers can implement differentiation and English language learner strategies. Students will build fluency and gain confidence by reading aloud and interacting cooperatively to bring this script to life in the classroom.

  1. Immigration Stories ebook - PDF Download [Download]This is a digital download product
    Marcus McArthur
    Teacher Created Materials / 2013 / PDF Download
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Ellis Island

  1. Ellis Island
    Melissa McDaniel
    Children's Press / 2011 / Trade Paperback
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  2. Ellis Island
    Elaine Landau
    Master Books / 2008 / Trade Paperback
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  3. What Was Ellis Island?
    Patricia Brennan Demuth
    Grosset & Dunlap / 2014 / Trade Paperback
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  4. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island  Coloring Book
    A.G. Smith
    Dover Publications / 2013 / Trade Paperback
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  5. If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis  Island
    Ellen Levine
    Imagine & Wonder / Trade Paperback
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  6. Ellis Island: Three Novels - eBookThis product is an eBook
    Joan Lowery Nixon
    Delacorte Press / 2013 / ePub
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