Landmark Series

Homeschoolers love Landmark books! A great addition to your library, this vintage series features fascinating biographies and engaging works on historical events.

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Discover the Kings of the Nile through historical information and archaeology, in this bestselling historical series for kids. Ruling over complex cities, palaces, and monuments for over 3,000 years, the Pharaohs' left behind impressiveruins of tombs, writing, and traces of the glorious civilization they once ruled. 180 indexed pages, softcover.

Meet Christopher Columbus, from his early life in Genoa, Italy to his days in the "new world". Part of the acclaimed Landmark Book Series, this biography is suitable for children in grades 2 & up. 66 pages, softcover.

Seeking religious freedom, the pilgrims fled England and traveled to Holland in 1608. In 1620 they sailed to America. Women, men, and children were willing to leave their homes to brave a wild, new land. They had no shelter but what they built with their own hands. No food but what they grew and shot. No laws but those they made. The Plymouth settlers faced hunger and disease. Not all the Indians they met were friendly. Their supplies ran out. The crops failed. Some colonists gave up and went home. For three years, the colony's survival hung by a thread. But a small core of believers struggled on to establish a new life for themselves in the New World.

The Landmark Books are a homeschool family favorite! Well-written with clear sentences and all the drama of history intact, this book covers the infamous Salem Witch Trials. The accusations, defense and words of the jury are recorded with vivid descriptions of the atmosphere of fear that ran rampant in Salem and Salem Village in the 1600s. Grades 6 & up. 142 pages, softcover.

When Abraham Lincoln was born, slavery was an everyday part of life. Even so, Abe didn't like it. As he grew older, he worked to aid his countrymen regardless of their color. As a surveyor, Abe helped people inspect their land. As a lawyer, he made sure people were treated fairly in court. But he wanted to do even more. After years of hard work, he became president of the United States and ended slavery forever.

    George Washington grew up in the English colony of Virginia. He was tall and strong, fair in judgment, and respected by his friends as a good leader. As he grew older, George saw how England took advantage of the American colonies--and he didn't like it. George was chosen to lead their army as its general. And when the colonies won their freedom, George was elected to lead the new nation as its first president.

    Read of Thomas Jefferson's life and career in this Landmark Book. From his youth and burgeoning political career to his family life and impact as president and ambassador, your children will be fascinated by this account of Jefferson's life. 66 pages, softcover.

    Ben Franklin ran away from Boston when he was just a teenager. Penniless, he seized his chances and through hard work, became a successful Philadelphia printer. Later, he pleaded for the union of the thirteen colonies and traveled to England to fight for American rights. He helped write the Declaration of Independence. Ben was also an inventor, a musician, and an author.

    The Landmark Book Series is well revered for its simple storytelling style that's packed with historical information. Read of the fateful battle of Gettysburg, it's major players, and the aftermath that spawned the Gettysburg Address. 149 pages, softcover. Grades 6 & up.

    As a young boy, Thomas Alva Edison always wanted to know the answer to the question "Why?" At the age of ten, he set up his first scientific laboratory in the basement of his home. Soon after, he sold candy on a train so he could buy chemicals for another laboratory he'd set up in the baggage car. He was always wondering and experimenting. Thomas Edison grew up to become a brilliant inventor. He began his amazing career improving the telegraph, and went on to invent the light bulb, motion pictures, and the phonograph. He installed New York City's first electrical system, and he made improvements in almost every means of communication in use today. Here is the lively story of the genius who forever changed life in the twentieth century - and beyond.

    The acclaimed Landmark Book series has been an important part of kids' libraries for over half a century. Read of the local militias formed, the first battles and cold-weather struggles that the Patriot's endured during the Revolutionary War. 153 pages, indexed softcover. Grades 6 & up.

    The acclaimed Landmark Book series has been an important part of kids' libraries for over half a century. Read of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life under segregation, and the ways in which he fought to combat it. From his first marches to leading the Civil Rights Movement, he still inspires many today. 104 pages, softcover.

    Young Orville Wright and his brother, Wilbur, had big dreams, and determination. They never gave up on a problem until it was solved. Together they designed a sled that went faster, a kite that flew higher, and even a newspaper-folding machine! But their biggest dream was to find a way for man to fly. Even when others scoffed at the idea of a flying machine, the Wright brothers refused to give up, until they made history at Kitty Hawk with the world's first successful airplane flight. Recommended for ages 9 and up.