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Create your own lapbook, teach a new unit study, or help your students visualize the scope of history with Homeschool in the Woods' homeschool history supplements.

    Create your own lapbook, supplement your unit studies, and bring some more life into your textbook studies with Homeschool in the Woods's fourth installment in the Time Travelers History Study CD-ROM collection! Covering the early 19th century, your children will discover interesting events and people of the era through hands-on projects, experiences, and more.

    "The Early 19th Century," contains 25 lessons that can spread across 5-10 weeks, covering the growth of a nation and the people that left an impression on its development. Lessons include: The Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the War of 1812, America's First 12 Presidents, Statehoods up to 1850, Native Americans, Inventions and Innovators, The Alamo, People of Importance, The Mexican-American War, Mountain Men, Pioneers, The Westward Movement, The Gold Rush, and more.

  • Activities include:
  • Creative Writing
  • Recipes of the Era
  • Factfile Cards
  • File Folder Game
  • Notebook Timeline
  • Penmanship Pages
  • Notebooking Activities
  • Three-dimensional Projects such as a Pioneer Log Cabin, making a Coonskin Cap, and more.
  • Authentic Crafts such as Piecing a Quilt and Corn Husk Dolls.
  • 10 Lap Book Projects, including pop-ups, layered books, etc.
  • And a final "Chuck Wagon Dinner" to bring the unit to a close.

    The CD includes each lesson's text pages, project overview pages, and a wide variety of masters for projects. Photos and drawings help illustrate the directions for completing over 35 activities; choose the projects that work best for your family! Five "Project Days" are built into the schedule to help allow for extra time to complete outstanding projects.

    Teacher helps, resource lists, teacher keys, and a "guide-at-a-glance" are also included. This one-page guide will allow the teacher to see the whole schedule of upcoming topics and projects on one page. Tastefully laid out for inclusion in your three-ring binder, this unit study will give both the teacher and students a thorough, exciting adventure into the past.

    Suggested Grades: 3-8

    Please Note: Permission to reproduce this material is granted only for individual immediate family use.

  • Make the United States presidential primary and elections process relevant and understandable with Homeschool in the Woods' "Hands-On History: Lap-Pak Elections!" Take your child through the establishment of our country's government, the various aspects of a presidential campaign, and how we choose a president.

    Twenty-one lap-booking projects are included that incorporate creative writing, coloring and drawing, research, and more. The reading text comes in two formats to print, resulting in full-size pages of text for a binder, or a 24-page booklet to store with the lap book. The text on audio is also included so your child can read along with the narrator or work on projects while listening!

    Beautifully detailed masters are provided for all printable projects and step-by-step illustrated directions contain printing and assembly instructions for the text booklet, each project, and the lap book assembly. A list of additional suggested resources is offered as well.

    CD-ROM (Mac & PC Compatible). Suggested grades: 3-8. For individual family use.

    Hands-on activities provide excitement, additional reinforcement and a chance for creativity to meld with learning; get all the ideas you need for your explorer's study with History Study Time Travelers: New World Explorers! With text pages, project overview pages, lap book projects, recipes, science experiments, notebook timeline & activities, factfile cards, three-dimensional and final projects and more, you'll never run out of crafts and activities that are perfect for you lesson plans. Photos and drawings illustrate the directions for ultimate ease-of-use. This CD-ROM includes:

  • 25 Lesson Plans with history, science & more!
  • Multiple projects to accompany each lesson
  • Masters needed for all projects
  • Reading material for each lesson
  • Additional resource list
  • Teacher Helps & keys
  • Guide at a Glance

    Windows & Macintosh Compatible, Acrobat Reader Required.

    Please Note: Permission to reproduce this material is granted only for individual immediate family use.

  • Homeschool in the Woods's Olde World Style Maps will help your students understand the "where" in history! These beautifully hand-illustrated black-and-white historical maps offer your child a hands-on experience with the rich look of centuries past.

    This World Maps CD-ROM offers maps in both Ancient and Modern styles. Determine locations of countries, cities, landforms, rivers, and bodies of water in relation to the world around them. A variety of types of maps are offered, including: with and without labels, with and without particular borders, and with a blank title frame for you to fill in for specific projects. Create your own title such as the Crusades, The Silk Route, Barbarian Invasions, weather patterns, and much more! Modern maps contain political lines while the ancient maps are presented in physical map format.

    As a bonus, over 40 Notebooking Pages are also included. Blackline pages include various report forms, fact sheets, and creative ways to record information from your research. In addition there are flags and graphic icons of the countries to print in full color and place on your fact sheet.

    All Ages

    CD contains PDF pages for maps and Notebook Pages, provided individually and in limited groupings for your printing convenience. These Maps are designed to accompany your studies. Tips for use are included, however, no lesson text is provided.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. CDs are both Mac and PC compatible.