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Introduce your children to the inspirational story of Gladys Aylward and her life and missionary work in China. Filled with illustrations and paired with a simple text, kids can discover the amazing way Gladys trusted in God and how she managed to go from being a parlor maid in England, to a missionary in China who started an orphanage, adopting many, many children.

Corrie ten Boom mends watches all day, but she also watches out for danger. Her friends are hiding in a secret room upstairs, and she needs to make sure they are safe. War spreads across the land, but Corrie learns that even when you are really scared, you can always trust God. Whatever happens, He is the only one who can keep you safe forever. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

    Introduce your kids to the incredible life of Eric Liddell with this Little Lights biography. Featuring illustrations throughout and simple sentences, kids will learn of Eric Liddell's great achievements in life, from bringing many people to Christ to his winning an Olympic gold medal for running. Children will learn the importance of preparation, be it for a race, studies, or serving God.

    When Amy Carmichael was a little girl she had begged God to give her blue eyes. When she kept looking in the mirror and seeing brown eyes, she thought that God didn't answer her prayer. But God knew there were other children with brown eyes who needed help. Amy learned that God always answers prayer, and He always does what it best. She also learned that blue eyes were not the eyes of India--but Amy's brown eyes were! Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

    Story of C S Lewis' life, how he dreamed up stories about different worlds as a boy, experienced sadness and had to go to boarding school. His writing and his questions about God and then his faith and trust in God - all told simply for younger children.

    Young Hudson Taylor has a funny story from his childhood about a missing bowl of soup. Someone forgot to give him lunch and he wasn't allowed to ask for it! In the end, he gets his soup, but he also learned about the county of Chine. Later, he would go there to tell the people of China about the Lord Jesus. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

    The true story of David Livingstone and his astonishing journeys. What would you do if a lion chased you? Would you fight it? That's what David Livingstone did. He did many brave things. He didn't think twice about travelled to Africa to tell the people there about Jesus, even though it was a dangerous trip. To do all this David had to be brave - but he was brave because he trusted in the bravest person of all - the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The true story of John Calvin and the Reformation
    What do you do when you want find out if something is true or not? Is there someone you can trust to tell you the truth?
    When John Calvin was a young boy he was taught many things that weren't true, but when he discovered the truth about Jesus Christ it was a very exciting time for him. It was so exciting he just had to tell other people.
    God helped John Calvin to teach the truth. He was one of the men who started what we now call the Reformation.

    Teach your children about the important life of Mary Slessor. Mary Slessor was a redheaded lass from Scotland who loved Christ and wanted others to know and love Him too---so she became a missionary in Africa. In Africa, she lived in a mud hut amongst the people and was shocked at the treatment of women and children, so she resolved to help the people. Written in a simple language that kids can understand and accompanied by colorful illustrations, kids will enjoy learning more about this important African missionary.

    Here is the true story of George Muller and the hidden coins! What would you do if needed some money? Would you pick some off a tree in the garden? Of course you wouldn't---money doesn't grow on trees! You have to work for it. Sometimes you have to work hard.

    George Muller didn't like to work and tried to get his money in other ways. He would cheat and steal and was eventually thrown in prison. Find out how God changed George from a thief to someone even children could trust. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

    The true story of Helen Roseveare and the hotwater bottle. In the Jungle an orphan baby need a hot water bottle, urgently, but no one would ever send one of these to the heat of the equator would they?!

    However, when a little girl prays for God to send one that afternoon, Helen Roseveare wonders if her prayer will be answered. Will God send a hot water bottle to the equator? Find out what happens when Helen opens the parcel.