Dave Raymond History Courses

You've seen the story of The Chosen told in one iconic image - thirteen fish swimming against the current. It's the story of Jesus and his disciples, of course, and it can be your story, too.

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The Against The Current Women's Teal Long Sleeve Adult T-Shirt features a V-neck collar in The Chosen's distinguishable teal color. Made of 50% / 50% combed and ring-spun cotton / polyester blend, for a soft, breathable and durable tee.

Dave Raymond's American History DVD series provides a comprehensive overview of US history from pre-colonization to Theodore Roosevelt and Booker T. Washington. . . and all from a Christian worldview. Designed as a class for middle and high school students, this one-year course includes all components on the DVD-ROMs. It consists of 26 lessons with 4 projects, a student reader (400+ pages), a Teacher's Guide, and weekly exams. Students will also complete four projects throughout the year (a map project, speech project, thesis paper, and another project) and work on a year-long portfolio each week.

Each lesson includes 5 video lectures (approximately 10 minutes each; 32 hours of material total). All resources are in digital format; this kit includes 8 DVDs with a student reader and teacher's guide in PDF, mobi, and ePub formats. Digital Books are located on Discs 1 & 5 (accessible via a computer). Grades 8-12.

Dave Raymond's Modernity is a full year-long homeschool history course that consists of 27 lessons, 4 projects, a Student Reader (330+ pages) e-Book, a Teacher's Guide e-book, weekly exams, and a year-long portfolio. Each lesson includes five video lectures (approximately 20 minutes each; 100 minutes per lesson). Equivalent to approximately 1 high school history/social studies credit.

This DVD provides an overview of the period of Modernity and the maturity of Western Civilization from the perspective of a Christian worldview. Students will examine major developments in philosophy, science, and government in addition to specific movements such as the Enlightenment, Darwinism, Nationalism, and Victorianism. Important persons such as Newton, Bach, Austen, and Napoleon are also studied. 47 hours on DVD. 12 DVDs; the Student Reader and Teacher's Guide ebook PDFs will need to be downloaded from the vendor website.

Grades 9-12.