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    My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Martin Luther King III and illustrated by AG Ford is a heartwarming insight to the life of one of history's most fascinating families and into a special bond between father and son. This picture book memoir offers an inside look at the dad, not just the man, that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was.

    The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Johnny Moore, introduces little ones to the iconic civil rights leader in this toddler -friendly board book. This story tells of his childhood, how he becomes a minister, and the tireless work he did to end segregation in America. Children will have a better understanding of who Martin Luther King Jr. was, what he stood for, and why his story still matters today. Board book, Ages 1-3

    This picture book biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., brings his life and the profound nature of his message to young children through his own words. Martin Luther King, Jr., was one of the most influential and gifted speakers of all time. Doreen Rappaport uses quotes from some of his most beloved speeches to tell the story of his life and his work in a simple, direct way. Bryan Collier's stunning collage art combines remarkable watercolor paintings with vibrant patterns and textures. A timeline and a list of additional books and websites help make this a standout biography of Dr. King. 40 pages, hardcover. Ages 6 to 8.

    With full-color illustrations and easy-to-read chapters, The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. gives kids ages 6 to 8 the opportunity to understand the importance of civil rights.  Before Martin Luther King Jr. became one of the most important civil rights leaders in America by fighting for equality for black people and made history with his powerful speeches and peaceful protests, he was a dedicated, smart kid who loved to learn. He challenged racism and overcame hardships to follow his passion and do the right thing. Kids will read how MLK grew from a young boy with a dream to an outstanding leader who made America a better place. Here is a handy history resource for younger students with a timeline of MLK’s life and a glossary explaining more advanced words and ideas. Part of the Story Of: Biography Book for New Readers series. 68 pages, softcover. Ages 6 to 8.

    Read about the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. in this biography for children. From his childhood, up to his death, this biography is filled with rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure for proficient readers. Children will learn about the Civil Rights Movement, and King's efforts to bring equality to all in America.

    This Level 4 DK Reader is designed to help proficient readers with it's rich vocabulary, challenging sentence structure, additional information, glossary, and index.

    An introduction to one of the most outstanding Americans of the twentieth century, perfect for young readers.

    Born in 1929, Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up to become a civil rights leader whose philosophy and practice of nonviolent civil disobedience helped African Americans win many battles for equal rights. Young readers will learn how his interest in equality was sparked by experiences in his childhood, and how his legacy shaped modern America.

    Pairing detailed illustrations and an accessible narrative of Dr. King's life, this book is ideal for a discussion about the history behind the holiday, or an early introduction to the struggle for civil rights in America. Includes a timeline of important dates. 32 pages, softcover. Grades: PreK-2.

    This book is a beautifully-rendered study of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life, told in simple, straightforward language for even the youngest of readers to understand. Pinkney's scratchboard and oil pastel illustrations convey both the strength and gentleness of King's character. Both text and art carry his central message of peace and brotherhood among all people.

    Introduce your kids to history with this biography written specifically for children ages 5 to 8 years in mind. Learn about Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who bravely led the way toward racial equality in America. Includes a peek into his life from his childhood on. Includes a timeline of King's life and photographs.

    Examining ten critical days in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life, this fascinating book looks at his faith in peace, political injustice, one of his many personal sacrifices, a fearless march, and his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Ages 12 & up. 160 pages, paperback.

    One of the most popular series ever published for young Americans, The Childhood of Famous Americans series, chronicles the early years of famous American men and women in an accessible manner. Each book is faithful in spirit to the values and experiences that influenced the person's development. History is fleshed out with fictionalized details, and conversations have been added to make the stories come alive to today's readers, but every reasonable effort has been made to make the stories consistent with the events, ethics, and character of their subjects. The series was design for children in the age group of 8-12.

    Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.? What is he best remembered for?

    Helping to organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Martin Luther King would go on to organize African-Americans across the country to demand their Civil Rights. Using nonviolent methods to achieve voting, desegregation, and economic justice, he spoke out against injustice until his assignation in 1968. 80 illustrations and clear text provide a clear portrait of the life of an American hero. 112 pages, softcover. Grades 1-7.

    The acclaimed Landmark Book series has been an important part of kids' libraries for over half a century. Read of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life under segregation, and the ways in which he fought to combat it. From his first marches to leading the Civil Rights Movement, he still inspires many today. 104 pages, softcover.

    The colorful pages and simple text give elementary students a glimpse into the life of Martin Luther King. Information about the civil rights, protests, and what the march on Washington was, is included and described in detail.

    Perfect for the graphic novel fan in your family, this biography tells the life story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how he led the Civil Rights Movement to stop racism, segregation, and discrimination in the United States. Graphic-Novel format. Grades 3-4. 32 pages, softcover.

    Well known for being the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and for her work for civil rights and world peace, Coretta Scott King received many awards and honorary degrees. But what was her childhood like when she was the same age as so many young readers today? Learn how Coretta could out-climb anyone in the neighborhood, was close to her dad, and could sing beautifully! 224 pages, Ages 8-12. Childhood of Famous American Series.

    Illustrated and written by the award-winning Faith Ringgold, My Martin Luther King Jr. follows the dream of a young girl as she dreams about the events of the Civil Rights Movement and Rev. King's life. She watches as black children are turned away from white schools, as segregated buses are protested, as protestors are arrested and abused by the police, as Martin Luther and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference worked to end segregation, and finally to his assassination and the continuance of his vision. 32 pages, softcover with timeline. 9.25" x 12". Ages 4-8.

    High School & Up

    Half a century after some of its most important moments, the assessment of the Civil Rights Era continues. In A Child Shall Lead Them, Dr. Rufus Burrow turns his attention to a less investigated but critically important byway in this powerful story - the role of children and young people in the Civil Rights Movement.

    What role did young people play, and how did they support the efforts of their elders? What did they see - and what did they do? - that their elders were unable to envision? How did children play their part in the liberation of their people?

    In this project, Burrow reveals the surprising power of youth to change the world.

    A professor of history and the noted author and editor of several books on the civil rights struggle, Dr. Clayborne Carson was selected by the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to edit and publish Dr. King's papers. Drawing upon an unprecendented archive of King's own words--including unpublished letters and diaries, as well as video footage and recordings--Dr. Carson creates an unforgettable self-portrait of Dr. King. In his own vivid, compassionate voice, here is Martin Luther King, Jr., as student, minister, husband, father, and world leader...we well as a rich, moving chronicle of a people and a nation in the face of powerful--and still resonating--change. Paperback.

    Eloquent and passionate, reasoned and sensitive, this pair of meditations by the revered civil rights leader contains the theological roots of his political and social philosophy of nonviolent activism. Includes "What Is Man?" and "The Dimensions of a Complete Man", as well as photos of Martin Luther King Jr.

    "If there is one book Martin Luther King, Jr. has written that people consistently tell me has changed their lives, it is Strength to Love."

    So wrote Coretta Scott King. She continued: "I believe it is because this book best explains the central element of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s philosophy of nonviolence: His belief in a divine, loving presence that binds all life." That insight, luminously conveyed in this classic text, here presented in a new and attractive edition, hints at the personal transformation at the root of social justice: "By reaching into and beyond ourselves and tapping the transcendent moral ethic of love, we shall overcome these evils."

    In these short meditative and sermonic pieces, some of them composed in jails and all of them crafted during the tumultuous years of the Civil Rights struggle, Dr. King articulated and espoused in a deeply personal compelling way his commitment to justice and to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual conversion that makes his work as much a blueprint today for Christian discipleship as it was then.

    Individual readers, as well as church groups and students will find in this work a challenging yet energizing vision of God and redemptive love.

    In these eloquent essays, noted scholar and activist Vincent Harding reflects on the forgotten legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his message for today. While many prefer to embrace the "safer" message of King's stirring "I Have a Dream" speech, Harding writes passionately of King's later years, when his message and witness became more radical and challenging to the status quo at every level.

    In 1963, Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. launched the Civil Rights movement and demonstrated to the world the power of nonviolent direct action. Why We Can't Wait recounts not only the Birmingham campaign, but also examines the history of the civil rights struggle and the tasks that future generations must accomplish to bring about full equality for African Americans. Dr. King's eloquent analysis of these events propelled the Civil Rights movement from lunch counter sit-ins and prayer marches to the forefront of the American consciousness.

    Martin Luther King's twenty most memorable writings and speeches are presented in this concise and convenient paperback edition. The selections are arranged chronologically, providing headnotes for each selection that give a running history of the Civil Rights movement and related events. Foreward by Coretta Scott King.

    With compelling oratory, he inspired and upheld the struggle for freedom for all Americans. Here is the only single-volume collection of the sermons, writings, speeches, interviews, and autobiographical reflections of Martin Luther King, Jr. Read his thoughts on topics including non-violence, integration, black nationalism, ethics, social justice, and more. 702 pages, softcover from HarperSanFrancisco.

    This groundbreaking work provides a unique look a King's never-before-published early sermons, drawn from a private file of materials King kept in his study and used to prepare his homilies. In 1997, Corretta Scott King granted the King Papers senior editorial staff permission to examine the papers stored in the basement of the family home. A battered cardboard box held a trove of sermon notes, outlines and full sermon texts from the years up to and including King's involvement in the Montgomery bus boycott in 1956, a period for which few of King's religious writings had been available previously.

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