Books & Homeschool Resources on Africa

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  1. Where Is the Congo?
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    Megan Stine
    Penguin Workshop / 2020 / Trade Paperback
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Discover what lives and grows in the Congo Basin in Central Africa, one of the planet's most remarkable regions.

Running through six countries in the middle of Africa, the Congo Basin contains some of the largest tropical rainforests in the world. Dealing with present-day issues of climate change, it is home to bonobo apes, mountain gorillas, forest elephants, and more.

With details about the exploration (and exploitation) by the European colonialists and the aftermath of their arrival in the Congo, this book will give readers a better understanding of the second largest rainforest in the world. 112 pages, softcover. Grade: 3-7.

  1. Instructor's Manual - PDF Download [Download]This is a digital download product
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    Ann Jansen
    Geodeo Educational Resources / 2012 / PDF Download
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  1. Student worksheets Grades 2-5 - PDF Download [Download]This is a digital download product
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    Ann Jansen
    Geodeo Educational Resources / 2012 / PDF Download
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      1. The Seven Continents: Africa Lapbook - PDF Download [Download]This is a digital download product
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        Cyndi Kinney
        Knowledge Box Central / 2014 / PDF Download
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      Easily create your own lapbook with this PDF download, do-it-yourself format!

      This handy resource features an assembly guide diagram, pictures of the completed project as well as instruction guides for both parents and students. This PDF contains a color graphic version as well as a version with black & white graphics.

      The Lapbook Assembly Guide provides instructions and diagrams on assembling the lapbook, and where to glue each booklet. The Student Instruction Guide is written directly to the student and provides information on what should be written inside each booklet and what folder it should be glued to. The included booklet templates includes all of the booklet templates; they can be printedon colors thought to improve retention of information presented.

      Windows and Mac Compatible. 1 PDF download.

      1. The Seven Continents: Africa Lapbook (Printed Edition)
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        Cyndi Kinney
        Knowledge Box Central / 2014 / Trade Paperback
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      Create a Lapbook where you will document all of the fascinating information that you learn. Includes a complete Study Guide, all instructions and templates. This product can stand alone or be used as a supplement to any other history curriculum. Depending on the maturity level of the child and the parent involvement, this product could be used with K-8th grade, and it is easy to alter for upper and lower grades. This product comes in a printed and bound book. Just remove the pages, follow the instructions for gluing and folding, and create!

      1. Animals of Africa
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        Lisa Rhodes(ILLUS)
        Pruett Publishing Company / 2010 / Trade Paperback
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      1. Living In . . . South Africa
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        Chloe Perkins, Tom Woolley
        Simon Spotlight / 2016 / Trade Paperback
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      Discover what it's like to grow up in South Africa with this fascinating, nonfiction Level 2 Ready-to-Read, part of a series all about kids just like you in countries around the world! South Africa is a country filled with stunning cities, amazing animals, and many different cultures, that's why they call South Africa the rainbow nation! Each book in the Living in. series is narrated by a kid growing up in their home country and is filled with fresh, modern illustrations as well as loads of history, geography, and cultural goodies that fit perfectly into Common Core standards.

      1. The Seven Continents: Africa, Grades 4-6+
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        Evan-Moor Educational Publishers / Trade Paperback
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      Africa is the second-largest continent and home to over a billion people. Learn about Africa's countries with this workbook that covers the physical features, political divisions, resources, and culture of the continent. Short articles explain about the various features of the continent, with review questions following. Map work exercises, charts, reviews, and 2 assessments are also provided. 124 reproducible pages, softcover. Grades 4-6+. Answer key included.

      1. GeoPuzzle: Africa
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        Geotoys LLC / Other
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      GeoPuzzles are jigsaw puzzles that make learning fun! The pieces are shaped like individual countries, states and provinces so children learn geography as they put the puzzles together. GeoPuzzles also help to build fine motor skill, cognitive, language and problem-solving skills. 65 pieces in all. 17" x 17". Ages 4 and up.

      1. Africa Gr. 5-8 - PDF Download [Download]This is a digital download product
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        Irene Evanelelis, David McAleese
        Classroom Complete Press / 2007 / PDF Download
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      Get to know the continent of Africa with this Classroom Complete Press "World Continents Series" workbook! Student worksheets cover Africa's physical characteristics, wildlife, vegetation, climate, population, and more. The teacher's guide includes an assessment rubric and critical thinking rubric, along with an overview of this book. Student handouts feature a variety of fun activities, including graphic organizers, crosswords, fill-in-the-blank sentences, and other fun exercises. The "easy marking" answer key features columns of answers that allow teachers to simply line up the worksheet with the key to quickly see the correct answers.

      Includes reading passages, student activities and 12 transparency/blackline master maps. 48 classroom -reproducible pages; consumable workbook. Aligned with Common Core standards (CCSS). Grades 5-8; Reading Level Grades 3-4.

        1. The Young Nigerian Story Book: The 26 Stories That Depict the Nigerian Value System
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          Dipo Toby Alakija
          Calvary Rock Resources / 2017 / Trade Paperback
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        Designed for primary and junior secondary school students, The Young Nigerian Story Book: The 26 Stories That Depict The Nigerian Value System teaches the values of the Nigerian national anthem and the pledge to Nigeria through 26 stories, poems and class activities. With each of the stories titled with a line or a topic in the anthem and the pledge, the book teaches young minds civic r esponsibilities and moral lessons -- some of which are viewed from Christian perspectives, serving as reminders of the purposes of the national anthem and the pledge to Nigeria. 62 pages.

          1. Pretty Salma: A Little Red Riding Hood Story From Africa
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            Niki Daly
            Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / Hardcover
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          1. Ancient Africa, Vol. 02-Coloring Book
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            Harry Knill
            Bellerophon Books / 1992 / Trade Paperback
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            2 out of 5 stars for Ancient Africa, Vol. 02-Coloring Book. View reviews of this product. 1 Reviews
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          1. Africa
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            Rebecca Hirsch
            Children's Press / 2012 / Trade Paperback
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            1. African Adventures:
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              Dick Anderson
              Christian Focus / 2003 / Trade Paperback
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            Africa. Adventures. Amazing! These are three words that sum up this amazing continent. But with some of the fiercest animals in the world the continent of Africa can be hard and hostile too.

            Read about Lions, Hyenas, Crocodiles and Snakes as well as the human beings who live and work alongside them. What happens when a leopard starts to attack the local livestock? What does the doctor do when bandits arrive? And when the missionaries get lost on safari what is sent to find them? Discover how a missing cow reminds us about something that Jesus did, and that it doesn't matter what country you live in - God always speaks your language!

            Experience what it is really like to live in Africa and what it is like to be a pioineer missionary!