Grade 4 Homeschool Essentials

Here are the basics! These Handwriting Without Tears Teacher's Guide and workbooks are what you need to teach penmanship skills to your child. Please note that the Teacher Guide will refer to additional manipulatives and other resources that are sold separately below. You decide which tools your child needs to succeed!

Handwriting Without Tears Grade 4 Curriculum

Handwriting without Tears aims to make legible and fluent handwriting an automatic, mastered skill. Simple for home educators to use, lessons take only 15 minutes a day. The main objective for students is to achieve goals, not to finish a set number of pages.

This fourth grade kit is designed for children in the fourth grade or functioning at that level. This curriculum is perfect for children who need to review the formation of lowercase cursive letters, work on the connections between cursive letters, and need to develop fluency in cursive writing.

The Cursive Success Student Workbook provides the examples, practices, and exercises for the Handwriting without Tears' 4th Grade student. The portrait-orientation of the paper emphasizes practice with smaller size writing, while the last third of the book gently helps transition students to single lines. 94 pages.

The 4th grade Teacher's Guide provides tips and lesson plans to teach handwriting, posture, paper skills, letter skills, word skills, and sentence skills through imitation, copying and independent writing. There's plenty of information on how to prepare for lessons, stages of learning, instructional stages, a scope & sequence, posture, grip, spacing, and other helpful hints. Lessons include scripted questions, reproductions of reduced-size student pages, multisensory activities, finger trace and check models with instructions, page numbers, word lists, and more. 174 pages, softcover.

The Double Line Paper solves the problem of line confusion. The bottom line keeps the writing straight and the midline controls the size of the letters. Lines are spaced 2/16" apart.

Teach your students letter formations and placement of letters on double lines with hands-on blackboard activities. Measures 10" x 17".

This Grade 4 kit includes:

  • 4th Grade Cursive Teacher's Guide, 174 pages, softcover. Updated Edition.
  • Cursive Success student workbook, 94 pages, softcover. Updated Edition.
  • Narrow Rule Double Line Paper, 100 sheets.
  • Blackboard with Double Lines, 10" x 17".

Now aligned to Common Core State Standards in English, Language Arts, and Math, this new edition makes it easier to integrate handwriting into your curriculum. In the new teacher's guides, applied writing activities provide additional lesson ideas, and home links provide strong school-home connections. Expanded teacher guidelines are also provided. The student workbooks provide new features to benefit your child, including lessons that now integrate cross-curricular connections.

Reading & Writing Boost Bundle

This Handwriting Without Tears "Reading and Writing Boost" kit features favorite reading and writing materials perfect for use during the schoolyear or as a "boost" over the summer break. Each bundle comes individually packaged with instructions and resources needed to improve literacy skills.

The Learning without Tears Building Writers composition workbook series offers extra practice for developing writing skills. Students become better, more fluent writers as they write about cross-curricular topics and practice narrative, information, and opinion-based writing styles. Simple black-and-white illustrations are paired with age-appropriate writing prompts that ask students to write a story based on sequencing illustrations, write about natural disasters using facts given in the page margin, write a story, and more .

Building Writers E covers the following skills:

  • Narrative: Students write a story with a clear sequence of events; introduce a narrator and characters; enhance the story with dialogue and description; and use a variety of transitional words and phrases to show the order of events

  • Information: Students practice clearly introducing a topic; organizing their information into paragraphs and sections; writing facts, definitions, and details about their topic; using topic-specific vocabulary; connecting ideas with linking words and phrases; and writing a conclusion
  • Opinion: Students clearly state their opinion and introduction; organize their supporting reasons; write facts and details; clearly connect their opinions and reasons with linking words; and write a conclusion

The journal is appropriate for fourth grade students and provides a place for strengthening handwriting and creative writing skills during independent writing time. It features narrow double lines - great for copying or journal writing!

This grade 4 set includes:

  • The Cricket in Times Square by, George Selden

  • Building Writers E
  • Writing Journal E, 80 pages, paperback

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