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  1. Handwriting Without Tears Grade 2 Kit
    Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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Handwriting without Tears aims to make legible and fluent handwriting an automatic, mastered skill. Simple for home educators to use, lessons take only 15 minutes a day. The main objective for students is to achieve goals, not to finish a set number of pages.

This second grade kit is designed for children in the second grade or functioning at that level. This curriculum is perfect for students who need to practice lowercase letter formation, placement on lines, or spacing; a child who needs a quick review of capitals and numbers; and a child who is writing sentences and paragraphs.

This student workbook provides the examples, practices, and exercises for the 2nd Grade student. Lessons cover capitals and lower case letters, which are arranged according to their formation; number instructions are also provided. Lesson plans incorporate letter review with words and sentences, while activity pages combine handwriting instruction with simple writing exercises. 94 pages. Grade 2. Pages are reproducible for the same child's practice and benefit. Pages are not to be reproduced for siblings or others.

The Printing Power 2nd grade teacher's guide provides tips and lesson plans that emphasize letter skills, word skills, and sentence skills. There's plenty of information on how to prepare for lessons, stages of learning, instructional stages, a scope & sequence, posture, grip, spacing, and other helpful hints. Lessons include scripted questions, reproductions of reduced-size student pages, multisensory activities, finger trace and check models with instructions, page numbers, word lists, and more. 190 pages, softcover.

Double Line Paper solves the problem of line confusion. The bottom line keeps the writing straight and the midline controls the size of the letters. Lines are spaced 3/16" apart.

The "Rock, Rap, Tap, & Learn Audio CD" features songs to help develop coordination and rhythm, developing self-esteem and body awareness through upbeat and "rocking" songs. Tracks will help students develop pencil grip and writing posture, as well as letter and number formations. 25 songs and Lyrics booklet included.

Teach your students letter formations and placement of letters on double lines with hands-on blackboard activities. Measures 10" x 17". The sets of little sponges and little chalk pieces can also be used with the slate for parents using the Wet-Dry-Try method.

This Grade 2 kit includes:

  • 2nd Grade Printing Power Teacher's Guide, 190 pages, softcover. Updated Edition.
  • Printing Power Student Worktext 94 pages, softcover. Updated Edition.
  • Regular Rule Double Line Paper, 100 sheets.
  • Blackboard with Double Lines, 10" x 17".
  • Rock, Rap, Tap, and Learn Audio CD
  • Slate Chalkboard
  • Little Chalk Bits
  • Little Sponge Cubes; cubes are 1/2".

Now aligned to Common Core State Standards in English, Language Arts, and Math, this new edition makes it easier to integrate handwriting into your curriculum. In the new teacher's guides, applied writing activities provide additional lesson ideas, and home links provide strong school-home connections. Expanded teacher guidelines are also provided. The student workbooks provide new features to benefit your child, including lessons that now integrate cross-curricular connections.

      1. Printing Power Teacher's Guide (2018 Edition)
        Handwriting Without Tears / 2018 / Trade Paperback
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      The Learning without Tears Printing Power program is a Grade 2 handwriting program designed to be intuitive, engaging, and developmentally progressive. Children actively participate in learning through movement, talking, and singing. Lessons take approximately 15 minutes per day and cover posture and grip, capital levels, lowercase letters, words and sentences, and numbers through a variety of multisensory and writing-based activities.

      Lessons are easy-to-use and include an objective, a lesson introduction, the student workbook page number, QR codes for multimedia elements, reduced-size student pages, and a detailed lesson plan with enrichment, support/ELL notes, and cross-curricular connections at the bottom. The back of the book includes a section with detailed instructions for the multisensory activities.

      This curriculum can be supplemented with the Rock, Rap, Tap & Learn CD, Magic C Bunny, blackboard with double lines, color print & number wall cards, print alphabet desk strips, Pencils for Little Hands, double line notebook paper and regular double line notebook paper (all sold-separately).

      This new edition features updated, unit-based teaching guidelines, updated lesson plans with a streamlined lesson design, simplified teaching guidelines, cross-curricular and school-to-home connections, and optional digital augmentation offerings. Students receive accelerated capital letter instruction, more opportunities for writing practice, and seamless teaching that includes modeling, writing, and music.

      The online resources referenced throughout are available to homeschoolers; you will be directed to a login page where you'll create a free account. This account provides a 30-day free trial of the full digital experience, which is designed with features for classroom teachers using digital whiteboards. After the trial ends, only the "A Click Away" resources are available, which are all that homeschoolers should need to supplement the program.

      205 pages, softcover.

              1. Cursive Kickoff Teacher's Guide
                Handwriting Without Tears / 2019 / Trade Paperback
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              The Handwriting without Tears Cursive Kickoff Teacher's Guide is designed to be used along with the Cursive Kickoff Student Workbook (sold-separately and not included).

              This thorough guide provides teachers with multisensory strategies and activities for teaching students who are ready to transition to cursive. The lesson plans include reduced-size student workbook pages surrounded by teaching notes that include objectives, a lesson introduction, and a step-by-step lesson plan augmented with enrichment, support/ELL, and cross-curricular connections. QR Codes for each lesson make lesson planning even simpler!

              The front of the book contains a variety of teacher resources, including a unit-by-unit scope and sequence, an overview of the curriculum, and information on teaching the course. Multisensory activity ideas are included at the back of the book, and use HWT resources Rock, Rap, Tap & Learn CD, slate with mini-pencil and erasers (Or Wet-Dry-Try app), chalkboard with double-lines, A+ Worksheet Maker (part of the HITT Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool), and additional teaching tips.

              This book comes with access to the HITT (Handwriting Interactinve Teaching Tool) - a digital teaching platform for managing and presenting handwriting lessons through multimedia.

              217 pages, indexed, softcover. Grade 2.

              HWT Grade 2 Supplies & Resources

              1. Rock, Rap, Tap & Learn Audio CD
                Handwriting Without Tears / Compact disc
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              2. Regular Notebook Paper, 100  Sheets--Grades 2 to 3
                Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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                5 out of 5 stars for Regular Notebook Paper, 100 Sheets--Grades 2 to 3. View reviews of this product. 1 Reviews
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              3. Little Chalk Bits (Grades Pre-K -  4+)
                Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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              4. Little Sponge Cubes (Grades Pre-K -  4+)
                Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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              5. Blackboard with Double Lines (Grades  Pre-K - 4+)
                Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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              6. Regular Notebook Paper (500 Sheets;  Grades 2-3)
                Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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                5 out of 5 stars for Regular Notebook Paper (500 Sheets; Grades 2-3). View reviews of this product. 1 Reviews
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              7. Print Alphabet Desk Strips (1 Sheet  of 4 Strips; Grades K-2)
                Handwriting Without Tears / Trade Paperback
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              8. Cursive Wall Cards
                Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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              9. Double Line Sentence Strips (100  Strips; Grades K-4+)
                Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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              10. Color Print & Number Wall Cards, Set  of 36--Preschool to Grade 2
                Handwriting Without Tears / Other
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