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    1. Latin Grammar Songs--Book and CD
      Latin Grammar Songs--Book and CD
      Issachar Press / 2013 / Other
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    It's often easier to memorize phrases or facts when they're set to music; take advantage of this to easily learn Latin declension endings, conjugation rules, and grammar rules. Roughly corresponding to the standard order taught in most curriculum/texts, when you learn a new grammar concept in your textbook, find the same concept in this songbook, play the CD, learn the chant, and repeat at every lesson.

    Songs cover 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th declension endings, special "ius" adjectives, relative & demonstrative pronouns, conjugation endings, sum-perfect, 3rd person pronouns, preposition cases, and more. Both classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations are given, as well as music-only tracks. The book contains the charts/lyrics with the name of the track and the name of the common tune. 31 pages, softcover, with CD. CD features 28 tracks of Classical tunes, 28 Ecclesiastical, and 28 Accompaniments.