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This textbook follows Elementary Greek, Year 2. Focusing on teaching vocabulary, grammar and translation increasingly in-depth, the first lessons also review concepts learned in the previous courses. New concepts taught include prepositions with multiple cases, the passive and imperfect passive voice, future tense verbs, declension nouns, contract verbs and more. Explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms, students will easily grasp the concepts presented as they work a variety of translation and workbook exercises. The accompanying Elementary Greek Year 3 Student Workbook provides vital practice and application. 196 pages, 30 lessons, softcover. Answers included.

This workbook for Elementary Greek: Koine for Beginners Year 3 2nd Edition text has the written practice and review needed to gain a firm understanding of the more advanced concepts of the language. The workbook follows the lesson with room to review the letters, transliterate both Greek & English words, test knowledge of Greek grammatical terms, translate, complete declension exercises, handwriting practice, and work on derivative, conjugation, exemption and recitation exercises. Instructions are plainly written for second graders through adults. 152 pages, softcover.

Elementary Greek: Koine for Beginners covers the different aspects of Greek needed to write and read, but what about pronouncing it? This audio CD includes pronunciation for the letters, words, passages and grammatical phrases used in the Elementary Greek: Koine for Beginners, Year 3 Textbook. Helpful not only for learning correct pronunciation, but also for reinforcing words and concepts.