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Designed for the second grade through the adult years, this 30 week curriculum explains all the basics necessary for a first year Greek study. Covering writing and memorizing the Greek alphabet, simple grammar including conjugation of verbs, translations of simple words and Bible verses, this teaches the Koine basics through regular review exercises. Includes textbook (2nd Edition), Workbook (2nd Edition), Audio CD, and Flashcards.

Elementary Greek, Year 1: Koine for Beginners, 2nd Edition is the primary textbook for the first year of Memoria Press' Elementary Greek curriculum. Thirty easy-to-use lessons include memory work, grammar lessons, review work, and practice exercises. Lessons are addressed directly to the student with clear explanations and instructions, and are organized by week and day. Content incrementally covers Greek letters and their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammatical rules, and translation in simple, uncomplicated terms. Students will write out exercises in another notebook. Flashcards, an audio CD, and a workbook are all available separately.

147 pages, non-consumable text, softcover. 2nd Edition. Recommended for 5th Grade.

This Elementary Greek workbook is part of the Memoria Press Year 1 Elementary Greek, 2nd Edition course by Christine Gatchell.

Thirty lessons are included; a variety of exercises are provided, such as tracing and copying Greek letters, crosswords, matching Greek letters to their names, writing verb tense endings, translating words, identifying endings, conjugating verbs, writing declensions, learning parts of speech, and more.

94 pages, softcover. Non-reproducible and consumable workbook. 2nd Edition. Recommended for 5th Grade, or middle and high school students may use as a one-semester course.

This audio CD accompanies the Memoria Press Elementary Greek Year 1 curriculum and provides a guide to pronouncing the Greek letters and words introduced in this year. Helpful for reinforcing correct pronunciation as well as fluency and familiarity with the language, there are three types of material covered: vocabulary, memory verses, and grammar guides. Greek and English translations are given, along with pauses for students to repeat and practice. The grammar guide sections provide declensions and conjugations of verbs.

This test book is part of the Memoria Press Elementary Greek Year One curriculum. Thirty tests are included, and each includes a variety of exercises. Students are asked to identify Greek letters, conjugate and translate verbs, translate words, write memory work, answer fill-in-the-blank questions on appropriate Greek usage, and more. Perforated pages. Reproducible for multiple students. Softcover.

This teacher's key accompanies the Memoria Press Elementary Greek Year 1 Workbook, 2nd Edition. and Elementary Greek Year 1 Tests, 2nd Edition. Full-size student pages are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid.

This set of flashcards is part of the Memoria Press Elementary Greek Year 1 curriculum. Great for practice and review, these thick 2.5" by 3.5" flash cards cover all the letters and words you'll need to know for your first year of elementary Greek. Cards have one rounded edge.