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Chinese Character Practice Workbook

Chinese Character Practice Workbook for Kids helps set the foundation for a lifelong study in Chinese characters. The 100 lessons feature in-depth exercises that develop skills in memorization, handwriting, with dedicated practice for each character.  Memory tips provide retention and comprehension strategies. Children learning Chinese will enjoy guided instruction for perfecting their penmanship and memorizing meanings so they can confidently start their journey toward Chinese learning success. With a repetition-based format, kids will practice character strokes with plenty of writing space to inspire independent learning. 120 pages, softcover. Grades: 1-4.

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    About the MCP Singapore Chinese Series

    Designed for parents or teachers who are already fluent in Chinese, this secondary language curriculum teaches Simplified Chinese and some Hanyu Pinyin (the most commonly used romanization system to convey the "written sound" of Chinese in English). Cute illustrations accompany short stories, simple dialogue, and vocabulary that describes common words or actions. Through using listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, students will progressively advance from simple conversation to reading and writing.

    Please note that there is no teacher's guide / answer key available, and no English instructions. This course can ONLY be used by those already fluent in Chinese.

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