AIM for Struggling Students

Accelerated Individual Mastery (AIM) programs were developed to specifically address gaps in the mastery of math facts which are critical to success in high school math courses. Each AIM course uses proven Math-U-See strategies and manipulatives as well as focused, frequent facts practice to help struggling students develop the necessary skills to successfully solve more complex problems. Sets include a Resource Guide, Math-U-See Integer Blocks, Math Fact Strategy Posters, Fact Check Cards, and access to the essential Digital Pack, which provides required online resources such as video lessons, instructions, solutions, and printable resources. Internet access required. AIM courses recognize that struggling students are often older, so are developed for students ages 8 and up.

The Spelling You See program from Demme Learning is a unique, research-based homeschool spelling curriculum with seven levels that follow the developmental stages of language development. Developed by Dr. Karen Holinga, this program allows students to develop spelling skills naturally and at their own pace with the direction and encouragement of the instructor. Relying upon visual memory that's built through repeated reading and repeated writing, students will learn spelling through short daily activities that integrate copywork, reading, speaking, and listening, rather than relying on rote memorization for weekly tests. Following developmental stages, not grade level, placement in the correct level is critical, so see the Readiness Guidelines for placement information. Each Level has an Instructor’s Handbook, Student Workbooks, and a set of erasable colored pencils.

Developed by an experienced language arts teacher, Analytical Grammar has been a longstanding favorite grammar program for homeschoolers. Now DemmeLearning, the publisher of Math-U-See, has restructured it for a new generation and easier implementation. Rather than repetitive lessons that cover the same concepts over and over each year, Analytical Grammar helps students build their knowledge sequentially at their own pace, with concise, concrete lessons and plenty of practice. Each level takes part of the school year to complete, then students are free to apply what they’ve learned to the writing and reading assignments in their other language arts programs, while continuing to review with bi-weekly review worksheets during the rest of the school year.

Help your middle school students improve their report-writing skills and give them tools to succeed in high school English and literature courses! Designed to be used iwith Analytical Grammar, this supplementary curriculum focuses on literature analysis and essay-writing. Each Season focuses on different literary and composition skills and includes a teaching packet containing a step-by-step schedule, Teaching Guide, sample essays and outlines, lecture slides, rubrics, answer keys, and a DVD-ROM with printable PDFs and instructional lectures and videos. Season One covers three basic book report through which elements of stories (plot, mood, conflict, setting) and how to paraphrase content and write plot summaries are taught (27 pages). Season Two consists of two book report modules covering poetry reports and drama reports (46 pages). Season Three includes three book report modules on essays, oral reports, and research papers (75 pages). Each Season contains a packet of three-hole punched, loose-leaf pages and a DVD-ROM.

WriteShop's hands-on, interactive lessons will engage students at all levels, even the most reluctant of writers. Lessons cover essential types of writing: creative, descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive, through parent-led activities that gently guide them through each step of the writing process. Students write one composition over a two-week period, from brainstorming and drafting to editing, and revision, learning to choose vivid, descriptive words and vary their sentences to build strong paragraphs. With each lesson, they learn and practice new skills, apply them to their current writing project, and edit and revise the composition several times. Writing Skills Checklists are tailored to each individual lesson so your young writer will stay on track and produce a polished paper to be proud of! With WriteShop Primary, Junior, and WriteShop I and II for Middle and High School to choose from, there is a perfect level for your student.

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Math Resources

Math-U-See's Skip Count and Addition Facts Songbook features a CD with songs designed to help students learn skip counting and addition facts. Two versions of the songs are included, one with Christian lyrics, and the other with lyrics taken from science and literature. The songbook contains sheet music and an accompanying coloring page for each version of each song. 44 pages, softcover. Appropriate for use with the Primer, Alpha, Beta, and/or Gamma levels of the Math-U-See curriculum.