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  1. Plaid Phonics Level B Homeschool  Bundle (2011  Copyright)
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  2. Level B, Teacher Resource Guide MCP  PLAID PHONICS
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  3. Plaid Phonics Level B Student 2012  Edition

Social Studies

myWorld Interactive is a project-based social studies curriculum that encourages active inquiry while introducing civics, economics, geography, and history concepts. It will encourage students to explore their world, expand their thinking, and become active, responsible citizens! Students develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills for engaged civic life; the integrated ELA instruction also supports literacy standards.

The Student Worktext is a bright & colorful consumable print text (also available online as an etext) that prompts students to use the digital elements online (like videos, interactive assignments, games, and other tasks) as they work through the chapters. Students read through the lesson, complete comprehension checks and other questions designed to improve retention and understanding, work on map skills, complete writing workshop exercises, learn how to use primary and secondary documents, and more. Quest activities, "Big Questions" and "Jumpstart Activities" are included throughout - some elements are designed for classes/student partners and homeschool parents may have to adapt.

The Grade 2 curriculum features chapters on Families Today and in the Past, People/Places/Nature, Government, People who Supply our Goods and Services, Making a Difference, and American Culture.

The Savvas Realize digital platform includes the student and teacher etexts, student edition PDFs, chapter-by-chapter quests with separate sections for quest kick-offs, connections, and findings, chapter resources, vocabulary games, lesson reviews and online lesson quizzes, digital readers and more. Answers and lesson plans are found in the online teacher's guide.

Aligns with the C3 Standards (College, Career, and Civil Life) for enhancing the rigor of K-12 Civics, Economics, Geography, and History.

This homeschool bundle contains:

  • Student Edition: A printed, consumable write-in student work text

  • One year of access to digital resources on Savvas Realize

Please Note: Only for purchase & use by homeschool parents and/or other authorized homeschool instructors in a homeschool setting.


Elevate Science will help your students take their science education to the next level! This K-8 program is built around active, student-initiated experiences. Students work to figure out solutions to problems posed in thematic lessons. Assessment is built into the curriculum through lesson checks plus end-of-topic assessments that help students demonstrate mastery of science topics.

The colorful text is organized around storylines called "Quests" which feature check-ins and sections that ask students to synthesize and present their findings. A variety of labs help students apply what they've learned, encourage them to ask questions, learn about real-world design challenges, and apply critical thinking skills to the topics they're learning about.

This secular curriculum includes a variety of sideboxes and features that help kids make connections between science and literacy/math/reading and writing, learn about the engineering design process, apply critical thinking skills, learn about STEM careers, and use both hands-on experiments and virtual labs. Icons in the text point out where there are available video, interactive activities, games, documents, or assessments to access online using the Savvas Realize platform.

Savvas Realize online components include a digital teacher's guide with select answers overlaid, sidebar helps, reduced-size student pages and other helpful sections commonly found in print teacher's guides; answer keys, and printable worksheets. Student resources include a student e-text of the textbook where you can simply click on assignments and multimedia, leveled reader e-texts, assessments, and more.

This Grade 2 curriculum covers earth, life, and physical science, specifically properties of matter, changing matter, Earth's water and land, Earth's processes, plants & animals, and habitats.

This Homeschool Bundle includes:

  • Student Edition: a printed, consumable write-in student worktext
  • 1- year access to "Savvas Realize" online learning system (see included card for instructions)

Please Note: Only for purchase & use by homeschool parents and/or other authorized homeschool instructors in a homeschool setting.

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