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Pearson Grammar Handbook

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            1. Prentice Hall Grammar Handbook Grade 11 Homeschool Bundle
              Prentice Hall Grammar Handbook Grade 11 Homeschool Bundle
              Pearson Learning / 2010 / Other
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            This handy reference includes plenty of practice questions to help students hone the writing and reading skills they'll need for "real-life." The Grammar Handbook text guides students through each stage of the writing process with a focus on grade-specific grammar applications that include: parts of speech; sentence parts; phrases and clauses; effective sentences; verb usage; pronoun usage; agreement; using modifiers; miscellaneous problems in usage; punctuation; and capitalization. Clearly marked examples, helpful charts & graphics, and highlighted rules help students to hone in on the most important concepts. Chapters end with a number of practice questions, a speaking application, and a writing application. Cumulative reviews cover a few chapters and provide additional opportunities to assess student mastery.

            This Grade 11 textbook covers conjunctions; interjections; simple subjects and predicates; appositives and appositive phrases; effective sentences; recognizing faulty coordination; agreement between personal pronouns and antecedents; using comparative and superlative degrees; using capitals; end punctuation marks; and more.

            This is a non-consumable text; answers to the practice questions must be written in a separate notebook. Lessons will take approximately 20-30 minutes. 353 pages, indexed, hardcover.

            The included Grammar Handbook Answer Key provides line-listed answers to all practice problems and cumulative review problems in the textbook. 40 newsprint-like pages, softcover.

            This Grammar Handbook kit includes:

            • Grammar Handbook Text, 353 pages, hardcover