Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum (LFBC)

The LFBC Math program is written from a Christian perspective, and emphasizes God's order as seen through mathematics. The fundamentals are stressed, with an emphasis on learning the multiplication tables early, before building on that knowledge with increasingly complex exercises.

LFBC Science

This Landmark's Freedom Baptist (LFBC) program provides students with a basic understanding of science from the Christian Biblical viewpoint as presented in the Word of God.

Landmark's Freedom Baptist (LFBC) history course looks at the past as a map of the sovereignty of God in the affairs of men. Students will examine the success and failure and victories and defeats of the past as part of God's divine plan for the world.

LFBC English

Landmark's Freedom Baptist (LFBC) English focuses on the fundamentals of grammar and English, including the parts of speech, diagramming, research papers, essays, and composition.

LFBC Literature

Landmark's Freedom Baptist's Literature Curriculum (LFBC) exposes students to the greatest literature of the past 300 years starting with the McGuffey's Eclectic Readers in Grades K-6 and character-building favorites, stories, biographies and classics in Grades 7-12.

Learn about the Bible and Baptist history with Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum for homeschoolers. The LFBC Bible program is a fundamentalist Baptist program that provides a total view of the King James Bible during the school year.

LFBC Electives, Supplements & Resources