Vocabulary: An Elementary Approach

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      1. Vocabulary: An Elementary Approach for use with Stone Fox
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        Judith Holbrook
        DGP Publishing / Trade Paperback
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      A wide vocabulary is critical for good reading comprehension, higher-level writing skills, and high standardized test placement. Multiple-choice vocabulary lessons often don't give students the skills they need to figure out words in context; however, Vocabulary: An Elementary Approach is a literature-based series that actively engages students in the learning process.

      In each book, students begin with 10-20 vocabulary words (taken from the literature) that they're likely to encounter in other contexts. Before reading the book, students take a pretest and record the results in "Word Logs," which require figuring out meanings from context, using a dictionary, and other reading skills. Students will also study the root words, prefixes, and suffixes of each new word. A variety of reinforcement activities are included; students conclude with a post-test.

      This workbook is designed be used alongside the book "Stone Fox" by Virginia Hamilton, which is not included and must be obtained separately. Designed for the elementary grades 1-5; these workbooks can be utilized with guided or independent reading.