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Kids coming into college and even high school often struggle with their writing skills and ability. Stand against the current with targeted writing exercises that are enjoyable and effective! Wordsmith's creative writing course gives students solid instruction in writing-techniques, emphasizing building strong sentences, description, narrative, dialogue, and revising/proofreading. Humorous examples and integrated practices help kids to remember what they've just leaned and figure out how to apply it. This new Edition of Wordsmith includes more exercises, examples, and explanations, as well as review and practice quizzes. Grades 7-9. Some exercises may be completed in the book, but for others a notebook or additional paper will be necessary. 100 pages, softcover.

This teacher's edition accompanies the sold-separately Wordsmith, New Edition Levels 6-9 course. This resource provides teachers with an overview of the Wordsmith course and a 36-week suggested plan of study with notes on what to do throughout the week, including what to discuss, what assignments to give, select suggested answers where helpful, and when revisions/edits/final copies etc. are due. At the back of the book suggested answers for review quizzes are provided for comparison with your own students' writing. 47 pages, softcover.

Wordsmith: Apprentice is the first level Wordsmith series and is designed to help younger students (ages 9-12) develop their writing skills. Students will learn about writing through acting as writers for a local newspaper. Through writing a variety of projects, including employment applications, help wanted ads, invitations, thank -you notes, headlines, household hints, news briefs, comics, sports stories, editorials, and more students will learn about sentences, paragraph writing, reporting, opinion writing, and more.

This third edition has a larger font and cleaner type for easier reading along with more examples and new illustrations.

Grades 4-6.

93 pages, softcover. 3rd Edition.

Wordsmith: Craftsman is the third and final level in the Wordsmith series and is designed to help high school students integrate and polish their writing skills. Students will learn about practical, every day writing (notes, outlines, correspondence, business letters), the power of language (paragraph organization, writing techniques, a personal writing style), and essay writing (descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive). This course is designed for independent learners and students are expected to monitor their assignments and get them done within the time limits.

This third edition contains updated information that reflects newer technology, more information on note-taking, and more detailed instructions about avoiding plagiarism.

Grades 9-12

112 pages, softcover.