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ACSI (Purposeful Design) Curriculum

Association of Christian Schools International

The ACSI Math Program is mastery-based and provides students with a traditional textbook approach to elementary and junior-high grade mathematics. Initially designed for a school setting, this series requires teacher involvement; however the teacher's guides are incredibly thorough, with blackline masters, directed instruction, and lots of teacher helps. Student books are colorful and provide opportunities for understanding through often-illustrated explanations, practice questions, and review questions.

The ACSI Science series grows with the student; earlier grades feature reviews and journal entries, while later grades include experiments and a separate student notebook that provides additional opportunities to work with concepts from the text. Teacher Editions are comprehensive and provide a lesson-by-lesson overview of content, any needed resources or supplemental materials, and detailed lesson notes.

Expand your student's spelling abilities and writing skills with the ACSI Purposeful Design colorful spelling curriculum. Revised, these second editions feature three main emphases: solidifying letter-sound relationships; employing more visual strategies for spelling; expanding word difficulty; and using spelling words in context. With now 20 words per list, students will be exposed to a broad base of words that emphasize that lessons' word family or rule. Lessons include a word list, definition exercises, proofreading, contextual stories, misspelling practice, rule instruction, phonics and fun games, writing practice and more.

The ACSI Bible Curriculum is a teacher-led program (student workbooks cannot be used independently) that teaches students about individual Bible characters, the character traits that they possessed, the life of Jesus, and other common Biblical topics. This program is flexible in scheduling, and will provide your children with a strong education in the Bible and Christian character through fill- in-the-blank questions, reading comprehension assignments, creative writing exercises, and more.

The ACSI Total Health curriculum for middle school and high school students presents a well-rounded approach to physical, spiritual, mental and social health. The middle school manual will help to explain the changes that are occurring in and around them, while the high school curriculum is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of all important health issues. Written directly to teens from a caring and friendly perspective, Total Health presents a moral basis for a healthy lifestyle based upon scriptural principles.

Instill godly character traits in your children with the ACSI Character Foundations series. Books focus on either a specific trait or walk students through multiple traits to develop. Teacher's editions provide answers, discussion topics, and other helpful information for parents and teachers.

This set of PreK and K workbooks focuses on the basic, fundamental skills: counting, reading, writing, letters & sounds. These workbooks cannot be used apart from the teacher's guide as students follow directions on what objects to circle, what to write, color, cut and read based upon teacher-led lessons. However, these teacher's guides are currently discontinued at

Passport to Adventure: English as Foreign Language

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