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Veritas Press' classical Christian curriculum teaches students history through a multi-sensory approach that uses colorful flashcards, engaging timeline memory songs, and effective teacher resources.

The recommended History schedule is:
Grade K: Bede's History of ME
Grade 1: Bede's History of US
Grade 2: Old Testament & Ancient Egypt
Grade 3: New Testament, Greece & Rome
Grade 4: Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation
Grade 5: Explorers to 1815
Grade 6: 1815-Present

Each level (2 & up) includes history cards that feature a full-color photograph with a historic period/item on the front, and a short summary, date, and list of recommended resources on the back. Cards are color-coded so that the multiple series can be easily gathered together as needed; card numbers for the particular series are included along with card numbers that combine all Bible and history cards.

Cards are designed to be used with the Memory Song CDs. These usually feature a single track that covers major events, dates, places, and people chronologically. One track with vocals and one instrumental track are provided for each song.

There are four teacher's guide options: the homeschool (print) teacher's guide or the homeschool enhanced CD-ROM, and the school (print) teacher's guide or the school enhanced CD-ROM. The difference between the homeschool and school print guides is that the homeschool guide is a softcover and the school version is loose-leaf pages in a three-ring-binder; in addition, the copyright allows homeschool teachers to make copies for their homeschool classes, and the school version allows teachers to make copies for their classrooms. The content is identical.

The enhanced teacher CD-ROMs include the memory song (also found on the memory CD) in addition to an electronic version of the Teacher's Manual (which includes a worksheet, at least one project, and a test for each card in that year's series) and a "how to" video which provides help and guidance. Enhanced materials are in adobe acrobat format and can be accessed on the CD-ROM of most Macintosh and Windows computers. For each course, it’s recommended that students read engaging works (often historical fiction) that complement the events that they’re learning about; in addition, Veritas Press recommends a number of “Priority 1” materials—a collection of resources they feel is the most useful for each history level. Here are the lists of recommended books:

Old Testament & Ancient Egypt Book List
New Testament, Greece & Rome Book List
Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Book List
Explorers to 1815 Book List
1815-Present Book List


Bede, the adorable ball of yarn with googly eyes, is a timeline. This cute character introduces young children to the basics of history timelines in a fun, once-a-week lesson. Chapters are written directly to children in a child-friendly font, with simple activities that involve drawing, writing in information from their own lives, mapwork coloring, cut-and-paste activities, and acted-out activities. Topics include: how a timeline works, family history, the history of holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.), the history of toys, the history of sports, and more. Even a little Church history is included! 72 pages, softcover. Grade K / Kindergarten.