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Middle School

The TRISMS History's Masterminds Curriculum is a world history survey program covering 3500 BC to the present; this set includes the student book, teacher's key, student pack (with research questionnaires, worksheets, vocabulary quizzes, unit quizzes and more), and map book with key. Students will journey from the invention of the wheel to the creation of Facebook while learning world geography, language arts, writing, advanced vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.

The Maps and Map Key Book includes crisp black line printable master maps as well as color maps. These maps were designed for History Masterminds as an answer key for the map assignments, but can be a helpful resource for any unit study. It includes over 80 map keys and charts and blank masters of all maps from the Middle School student pack. Maps note explorers' departure points and their routes and destinations as well as bodies of water, major land masses, and city/nation names. Bonus maps are provided to enhance the student's geography study in addition to what's assigned on the lesson grid.

The student pack presents history through the eyes of historical personalities. It contains all the student forms and tests.

This program is ideal for students in Grades 6-8; for younger students, two years are recommended to complete the program, or one year with older students.

TRISMS is a unique unit-study curriculum for grades 6-12 designed to help students think independently. Integrating multiple subjects around history, this program covers art history, art appreciation, music history, architecture, research composition, literature, creative writing, geography, history, economics, philosophy, civics, science history, critical thinking, and more. Research-based and student-directed, TRISMS students create their own coursebooks and learn to take responsibility for their own education. Students will gain the tools to research, build a love of learning, dig deeply into subjects they're interested in, and develop excellent communication skills.

TRISMS can be used with multiple ages and levels through adapting the reading lists and extending the schedule. It is based upon a classical division of abilities with resources aligned with Logic/Dialectic Stage (Grades 6-8) and the Rhetoric Stage (High School).

This is a "neutral" course that does not present material from the perspective of any particular worldview.

PLEASE NOTE: This program requires the Institute for Excellence in Writing's Teaching Writing Structure and Style and separate literature books, which are not included with this curriculum.

The Trisms History's Masterminds Student Pack contains all the student forms and tests including research questionnaires, worksheets, maps, vocabulary quizzes, unit quizzes and semester tests. It is intended for additional students using this curriculum who need their own student forms.

High School

      The TRISMS "Rise of Nations" Student Pack contains all the student forms and tests. It is intended for additional students using this curriculum who need their own worksheets.