Simply Classical Level 1

Sentences, Sums, and Stories | Ages 5-6

Simply Classical Curriculum: Level One - Sentences, Sums, & Stories Lesson Plans for One Year is part of the Memoria Press special-needs classical readiness program.

This lesson plan guide contains only the lesson plans to use with the full set of books recommended for the Memoria Press Simply Classical Level 1 course. It cannot be used independently.

The lesson plans are broken up into individual tasks for each subject for each day. For example, on Monday of Week 5, assignments are given for the subjects of reading/phonics, arithmetic, copybook/memory, and wonder/beauty/imagination (literature, science ,history, world, art, and music). Each task has a checkbox to easily keep track of which assignments were completed.

A pre-test assessment is provided along with a rubric for parents to assess skills to be developed during the program.

Please note that this is a lesson plan book that uses other resources (not included and sold-separately); it does not contain the teaching content itself. Please see the "more images" sample pages above for a list of required resources.

103 pages, spiral-bound, paper cover.

Gently-paced, Simply Classical Level 1 introduces your special-needs child to literature, poetry, music, art, history, geography, science, and the world. Tactile/sensory and movement/kinesthetic activities are integrated to aid learning and memory in reading, writing, and arithmetic for special-needs students. Through explicit step-by-step instruction and ample review, you will teach your student to:

  • Read words and sentences

  • Achieve mastery of foundational arithmetic facts and skills
  • Learn timeless biblical stories with memory verses
  • Improve penmanship, oral language, and written expression

    Appreciate beautiful books, art, and music

    This copybook is part of the Memoria Press "Simply Classical" series for special-needs students.

    Copywork is a Classical tradition in which students copy Scripture and other selections. As they progress through Simply Classical Copybook I, students will strengthen penmanship, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and memory skills while working on habits of accuracy, neatness, and patience. Students begin by tracing and writing individual upper-case letters (beginning with letters that just have straight lines), then move on to lower-case letters, and finally to short Bible verses and the days/months. In this edition, shorter verses help accommodate for any writing difficulties while providing the full benefits of copybook and memory work. For ages 5-8 (chronological age or skill level). KJV Scripture used. 80 pages, softcover. Consumable workbook (non-reproducible pages).

    Simply Classical Spelling: Book One - Step by Step Words is part of the Memoria Press special-needs classical readiness program.

    The spelling series gives struggling writers an incremental, multi-sensory approach with an oral/aural emphasis. Each week includes targeted Word Study exercises to promote linguistic awareness, cognitive flexibility, and improved spelling skills through writing words, seeing words in context, and doing a short word study. Thirty-four weeks of instruction are included, including standard spelling list weeks, review, and a mixed test at the end. 72 pages, softcover. Consumable and non-reproducible. Designed for ages 6-8 (whether chronological age or skill level).

    This "Simply Classical Writing" curriculum is designed to be used with the Simply Classical Memoria Press special-needs classical readiness program.

    Combining copywork, grammar, and composition for daily practice with written expression, this book bases its lessons on A Child's Garden of Bible Stories (or any introductory Bible story collection).

    Simply read the assigned story each day before beginning the lesson; then introduce and teach the "rules about sentences" and follow the directions to have the student copy or compose the sentence for the day. Students follow the same directions for each day-they study the rules, apply the rules by marking the sentences with a green, red, and blue colored pencil, and finally work on one of the exercises for the day: copying a read-aloud sentence, creating a sentence from a word bank, writing a sentence with their own words or with the word bank, drawing an illustration for the story, and creating a one-sentence caption for the story. Covers 34 weeks. 118 pages, softcover. Consumable and non-reproducible.

    Designed for students ages 6-8, whether in chronological age or skill level.