Memoria Press - Third Form Latin

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Forge forward into your third year of Latin studies. This uncluttered, small (8" x 8") textbook reviews all material in First & Second Form Latin and teaches new content in the same format. Thirty-one lessons teach verb paradigms for all four conjugations in the indicative active and passive, nine irregular adjectives, pronouns, syntax, and more. Conjugations are clearly shown in two-tone colors, visually emphasizing the important or changing parts students need to memorize. This textbook provides the lesson instruction; exercises are found in the sold-separately workbook.

Third Form teaches:

  • Perfect system passive of 1st - 4th conjugations and -io verbs

  • Active and passive subjunctive of 1st - 4th conjugations and -io verbs
  • Imperative mood, vocative case
  • 4th declension neuter nouns
  • 3rd declension adjectives of one and three terminations
  • Nine irregular adjectives
  • Regular and irregular comparison of adjectives and adverbs
  • Pronouns: 3rd person, demonstrative, intensive, reflexive
  • Syntax: apposition
    • adjectives used as nouns
      • subjunctive in purpose clauses, exhortations, deliberative questions
        • objective and partitive genitive

        Designed for teachers with no background in Latin, Third Form Latin is recommended for grades 6-12, or for students who have completed First & Second Form Latin. 156 pages, softcover. Grades 6-12.

This workbook accompanies Memoria Press' sold-separatelyThird Form Latin Student Text. Exercises follow each chapter with room to practice word studies & grammar, conjugations or declensions, form drills, translation skills, and review, promoting mastery and quick recognition of inflected forms. Four to six pages of exercises are given for each lesson; two-tone colored text breaks up pages without being distracting. Fill-in charts for conjugations keep lessons neat and organized. 282 pages, softcover

Accompanying Memoria Press' Third Form Latin curriculum, this kit includes two teacher's manual books; one is an answer key for the workbook and tests, while the other provides the lessons and reduced student text pages. The Worksheets & Test Key Manual is a flip-top, spiral-bound book that features half-sized pages with the correct answers overlaid in green ink. Lessons, quiz numbers, test numbers, drill sheets are labeled specifically with the appropriate lesson, though no page numbers are included.

The teacher manual is a softcover book. Teaching guidelines and a short overview of the lesson structure is provided in the first 10 pages; the remainder of the text features the inset student text pages with the lesson plan in the margins. Lesson components are numbered, and include recitations, questions and drills to give, grammar lesson with questions to ask and answers in parenthesis, vocabulary, and and other additional information. Appendices include conversational Latin phrases, prayers, sayings, diagrams, charts, and Latin-English vocabulary.

This kit includes:

  • Third Form Latin Teacher's Manual, 156 pages, softcover.
  • Third Form Latin Workbook & Test Key, spiral-bound, flip-top orientation.

The Teacher Manual for the Memoria Press "Third Form Latin" series includes easy-to-understand teaching tips & guidelines; the rest of the book features reduced student text pages that are surrounded by the lesson. Oral recitation/review, Latin sayings, grammar, and vocabulary lesson notes are included. Student text answers are overlaid. 156 pages, softcover. Year 3 / III.

This workbook & test key accompanies Third Form Latin's workbook and test book. Easily organized in flip-top style, student worksheets, quizzes, and tests are arranged in chronological order with the correct answers overlaid. Flip-top spiral-binding. Year 3/III.

This quizzes & test book accompanies Memoria Press' Third Form Latin curriculum. Quizzes for each lesson are included, with a unit test after every 5th-7th lesson and a final, cumulative, exam at the end. Quizzes include translation of words and phrases, as well as conjugation and fill-in-the-sentence exercises. Softcover.

    Accompanying Memoria Press' Third Form Latin curriculum, make sure you're correctly pronouncing your Latin vocabulary with this audio CD. Tracks for each lesson provide a speaker reciting the words in the lesson and review. This Audio CD features the classical (as opposed to the ecclesiastical) pronunciations.

    Third Form Latin continues the journey of Latin grammar by reviewing all material in the sold-separately First and Second Form, completing the verb paradigms for all four conjugations in the indicative active and passive, and much more. Third Form employs the identical format of First and Second Form-an attractive, concise Student Text, systematic presentation in five units, extensive Workbook exercises, and a Teacher Manual with everything you need to successfully teach this course. 2 CD-Discs.

    These flashcards accompany Memoria Press' Third Form Latin curriculum. Printed on scored, glossy cardstock for easy removal, there are approximately 12 cards per page. Cards feature verb forms, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns in Latin on one side, with the vocabulary word in English on the other.

    This set of lesson plans is designed to be used with the Memoria Press Third Form Latin curriculum (sold-separately).

    This lesson plan schedules lessons five days per week with boxes for M-F of each week; each box features assignments on what to teach, review, read, or what activities to complete. Each assignment has a checkbox next to it for easy tracking. Covers 33 weeks. 13 pages, comb-binding, paper cover. Grades 6-12.