Memoria Press - First Form Latin

This First Form Latin Teacher Manual, Second Edition is designed to be used with the First Form Latin Student Text (sold-separately), Organized for easy access, it contains Student Text inset with answers in color, "Chalk Talk" scripted lessons, recitation schedule, pronunciation reminders, extensive teaching notes, and an "FYI" (For Your Information) section for extra background. 137 pages, spiral-bound.

The First Form Latin Student Workbook, Second Edition contains the exercises for the student to complete in the First Form Latin program. 230 pages, spiral-bound.

Please Note: The First Form Latin, Student Workbook, 2nd Edition is NOT compatible with the First Form Latin, Teacher Key, 1st Edition

The First Form Latin Teacher Key (Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests), Second Edition features inset pages from the sold-separately First Form Latin Student Workbook, Second Edition and the First Form Latin Quizzes & Tests, Second Edition booklet with the answers in an easy-to-read, 2-color format. A grammar catechism and vocabulary drill sheets are also provided. 164 pages, spiral-bound.

The First Form Latin Workbook Key, Second Edition features inset pages from the sold-separately First Form Latin Student Workbook, Second Edition with the answers in an easy-to-read format. 230 pages

Please Note: The text in this Workbook Key is included in the First Form Latin Teacher Key (for Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests), Second Edition. It is sold separately for customers not using the teacher key.

This set of quizzes and tests is part of the First Form Latin curriculum. A quiz per lesson is provided, ranging in length from 1-sided to 2-sided quizzes. Quizzes evaluate vocabulary and Latin saying translations, conceptual understanding of grammar, conjugation, stems, and additional translation exercises. Tests are multiple pages long and cover more than one unit. Students are tested on vocabulary, conjugation, Latin sayings, and principal parts. A final exam is also included. 94 pages. Softcover. Second Edition.

This First Form Latin Pronunciation Audio CD, 2nd edition includes all vocabulary and grammar forms for each lesson, as well as a pronunciation guide. 1 CD. Second Edition.

Keep expanding your students' Latin abilities with Memoria Press! The First Form Latin DVDs cover the lessons from Cheryl Lowe's Year 1 Latin curriculum. This series is taught by Jessica Watson, who speaks directly to the camera and asks students questions, repeats conjugations, and teaches the lesson. Lessons are approximately 15-20 minutes in length. 5 DVDs. Second Edition.

This set of flashcards accompanies Memoria Press' First Form Latin series. Cards have the English vocabulary word or the verb conjugations students are to recite, with the English given on the front of the card, as well the Latin or conjugated answers. This updated second edition no longer includes the grammar cards. 2 x 3" glossy cardstock flashcards. 203 flashcards total. Second Edition.

Designed for instructors and learners with no Latin background, First Form Latin: Kit plus Pronunciation CD, Flashcards and DVDs, from Memoria Press, focuses on teaching grammar systematically to encourage retention and understanding---rather than topically to facilitate translation. Extensive workbook exercises ensure skills mastery and rapid recognition of inflected forms. Includes an everything-you-need teacher's manual, accessible student text and workbook, quizzes and tests, pronunciation CD, flash cards, and DVDs. Grades 5 and up.

Lose your fear of learning or teaching Latin! Through thirty 2-page lessons, students will learn vocabulary derivatives, detailed explanations of Latin sayings, syntax, and translation slowly, with an emphasis on mastery. Conjugations are clearly shown in two-tone colors, visually emphasizing the important or changing parts students need to memorize. Designed for teachers with no background in Latin, First Form Latin is recommended for grades 6-12, or for younger students who have completed Latina Christiana I; First Form Latin may be taught to students of all ages since beginners, regardless of age, are in the grammar stage of learning. The Student workbook provides actual practice with the language, while the pronunciation CD emphasizes correct speaking skills; ascertain the amount retained with quizzes and tests, and easily teach and correct with the teacher's manuals.

This kit includes:

  • First Form Latin Student Text, 112 pages, softcover
  • First Form Latin Student Workbook, 192 pages, three-hole-punched, softcover
  • First Form Latin Pronunciation CD
  • First Form Latin Quizzes and Tests
  • First Form Latin Teacher Manual for Workbook & Test Key, spiral-bound
  • First Form Latin Teacher Manual, 112 pages, three-hole-punched, softcover

  • This answer key is designed to be used with the Memoria Press First Form Latin Student Book (not included and sold-separately). Student pages are reproduced at full-size and have the correct answers overlaid. 57 pages, softcover.

    First Form Latin Review is a summer course designed to prevent language loss over the holiday break.

    Memory loss can be unfortunate in many subjects, but it's especially detrimental in Latin, where students that must build upon their knowledge of vocabulary, forms, and grammar from year to year. Exercises include vocab review, form drills, translation workshops, declension charts, and other activities designed to foster mastery and retention. 57 pages, softcover. Consumable and non-reproducible.

    This CD features the pronunciation for Memoria Press' First Form Latin curriculum. Tracks are labeled on the front and include lesson tracks as well as a pronunciation guide, review, numbers, and more.

    The First Form and Second Form Wall Charts have been sized down into handy desk charts for individual student use. These are especially convenient for homeschoolers who don't have wall space for poster-sized charts. 8.5" x 11".

      Integrate handwriting practice with Latin with the Latin Cursive Copybook! It beings with letters and numbers before moving on to classroom Latin, followed by sayings and hymns from Latina Christiana and First and Second Form Latin. Grades 4 & up.

      First Form Latin Lesson Plans provides easy-to-implement lesson plans for Memoria Press' First Form Latin 2nd Edition curriculum. 15 pages, comb-binding.

      This teacher's guide accompanies First Form Latin's workbook and tests. Easily organized in flip-top style, student worksheets, quizzes, and tests are arranged in chronological order with the correct answers overlaid. Pages are reproduced in black-and-white. Comb-binding.

      The Teacher Manual includes easy-to-understand teaching tips & guidelines; the rest of the book features reduced student text pages that are surrounded by the lesson. Explanations of grammatical terms and concepts, scripted questions, vocabulary lists, and workbook notes are included. Student text answers are overlaid in blue ink. 112 pages, softcover, three-hole-punched.