Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum Preschool

Curriculum Manual

Make planning a full year of classical homeschooling lessons easy with the Memoria Press Preschool Classical Core Curriculum lesson plans.

This lesson plan book features an easy-to-follow grid-box format, with a box for each subject for four days each week. Within each subject-box, assignments are given, with checkboxes next to each one. 34 weeks in total are covered, along with a 8-week review for the summer.

Lessons revolve around the following areas of study, which have their own boxes in the schedule:

  • Prayer

  • Calendar
  • Recitation
  • Alphabet Lesson
  • Number Lesson
  • Oral Language & Literature
  • Fine Motor/Pre-Writing
  • Gross Motor/Coordination
  • Enrichment

This guide also includes tips for building skills in key areas (e.g. cognitive development and language skills). The 8-week review contains a list of activities to choose from for each subject, which parents can then use to fill in the blanks on the schedule in order to suit their needs.

Please note that this lesson plan is a guide on how to use other resources; it cannot be used independently without the curriculum components it is based upon. A checklist is provided at the front of the book which lists the necessary components, along with a read-aloud book list. See the "Sample Pages" link above to see these lists.

101 pages, spiralbound, paper cover. Grade Pre-K / Preschool. Covers 34 weeks.

Please Note: Covers may vary.