Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum, Jr Kindergarten

Curriculum Manual

Make planning a full year of classical homeschooling lessons easy with the Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten Grade Classical Core Curriculum lesson plans.

This lesson plan book features an easy-to-follow grid format. Two days of schoolwork are provided for each week, with each day's plans taking 1.5-2 pages. A list of subjects/lesson-time activities and assignments for each subject keep your lessons orderly. Checkboxes are given next to the main assignments; bullet-pointed scripted questions (with answers) make lesson instructions easy.

Lessons revolve around the following lesson-time activities, which have their own rows in the schedule:

  • Prayer

  • Devotion
  • Recitation
  • Calendar
  • Alphabet Lesson/Writing
  • Show and Tell
  • Number Lesson
  • Activity/Craft
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Traditional Games
  • Enrichment
  • Closing Prayer

This guide also includes teaching guidelines and a suggested schedule. The Appendix includes the music to "Rise and Shine," the recitations for each week, a list of required books, a list of poems, letter activities for phonics review, a list of traditional game instructions, ABC Bible verses, a reproducible name and common stroke handwriting worksheets.

Please note that this lesson plan is a guide on how to use other resources; it cannot be used independently without the curriculum components it is based upon. A checklist is provided at the front of the book which lists the necessary components, along with a read-aloud book list at the back. See the "Sample Pages" link above to see these lists.

163 pages, spiralbound, paper cover. Grade K4 / Junior Kindergarten. Covers 33 weeks.

Please Note: Covers may vary.

Core Curriculum