Introduce children to a second language early on in life! Designed for Grades K-2, Song School Spanish is a fun introduction to the Spanish language. Each lesson features songs, relevant vocabulary, illustrations, hand-writing practice, stories, games, and activities; a musical CD is also provided. Students learn basic vocabulary and how to count by tracing new letters with accents, practicing with the singable songs on the CD, taking dictation, writing the correct Spanish word next to a picture, and other fun exercises.

Lessons move quickly from pronunciation to writing and reading words within short stories to simple translation, helping to provide motivation as students swiftly progress. As lessons move on, earlier lesson concepts are reinforced. SongSchool Spanish lesson themes include practical elements of the classroom, waking up, eating, and other activities. 173 non-reproducible pages, softcover with Audio CD included. Grades K-2. 30 Lessons with a review, 1 lesson per week suggested.

The sold-separately teacher's guide contains the answers, dictation exercises, and other information.

This teacher's guide accompanies the sold-separately SongSchool Spanish Student Book. Half-size student pages are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid. A section with additional reproducible practice activities is also included; one activity page for each chapter, two pages for review chapters and a four-page end-of-book review is provided. The introduction includes a suggested schedule. 145 pages, softcover. 173 pages, softcover.

Find your card's amigo! As kids settle into these vocabulary-building games of Memory, Go Fish, and Carrot Top (Old Maid), they'll have so much fun they'll hardly notice they're absorbing foundational basics of Spanish. Includes over 210 color-coded cards keyed to sections of Song School Spanish; this game covers all vocabulary words. Can also be used as flash cards. Ages 8 and up. Cards measure approximately 3.125" x 2.25"

This DVD is designed to be used with the SongSchool Spanish homeschool curriculum from Classical Academic Press (sold-separately). Twenty-four episodes feature a native Spanish maestra who teaches students vocabulary and grammar through engaging lessons which are divided into three parts; the first section presents new vocabulary, the second section is a "Little Moments" vignette featuring a live-action story which integrates new words and concepts, and the last section teaches grammar and other important concepts. Each episode follows the book chapter by chapter (though no episodes are included for review chapters).