Liberty Math Level B

Grade 2

Liberty Mathematics provides young students with the foundation they'll need to advance in mathematical understanding. Level B is designed to give second grade students an introduction to primary mathematics concepts. After reviewing addition and subtraction facts through eighteen, this course introduces addition and subtraction of two-, three-, and four-digit numbers, as well as multiplication and division facts zero through five. Time and money, measurement and geometry, fractions, charts, graphs, and balanced equation exercises are also included. Chapter reviews and final review are provided. 284 two-tone color, perforated pages, softcover. Grade 2.

This set of tests accompanies Liberty Mathematics Level B (sold-separately).

Assess your students' understanding of the material by providing a test at the end of each unit. Tests are two pages in length and contain a variety of problems based on the concepts taught in the book. Student text page numbers are referenced. Tests are stapled together at the corner; a section of line-listed test answers is included in the middle and should be removed and kept separate from tests. Grade 2.

This teacher's manual accompanies Liberty Mathematics Level B. Arranged by unit, each lesson plan lays out the page numbers, concepts covered, unit goals, general lesson plan instruction, suggested drills, suggested games, and detailed prep & review activities that include step-by-step instructions, graphics, and examples to help you easily teach each lesson. 39 pages, stapled together at corner. Grade 2.