Liberty Math Level A

Grade 1

Liberty Mathematics provides students with an excellent course of study dealing with traditional mathematics concepts. Problem-solving strategies, critical thinking, estimation and mental math are routinely stressed throughout, and systematic review of each concept is featuredprominently.

Level A is designed to give first grade students an introduction to primary mathematics concepts. Topics covered include: addition and subtraction facts from 1-100, two-digit addition and subtraction, fractions, calendars, time and money, measurements and sets. Chapter reviews and final review are included. 250 pages, softcover. 1st grade.

These tests accompany Christian Liberty Press' sold-separately Liberty Mathematics, Level A.

Tests are single-pages (printed on both sides) that ask students to use their recently learned skills as the solve problems. Tests are labeled with the test number and page numbers; tests are stapled together in one corner for easy removal. Grade 1.

Teacher's manual includes lesson plans, suggested drills, and unit tests.

Provide your students with additional practice with Liberty Mathematics Level A Drill Book. Accompanying the Liberty Mathematics Level A student Book, drill sheets are included for single and double-digit addition and subtraction facts 1-18. 130 pages reproducible for home/classroom use; softcover. Grade 1.

Addition and subtraction flash cards help children master basic early math skills. The cards are designed for children to use alone or with an adult. 36 double sided cards provide practice from 0 through 11.