The founding of America and its development into the country it is today is explored in this young person's history book. Exploring the past through the lens of God's providence, lessons reflect a western view of civilization and growth. Illustrations and two-tone photographs bring a visual element to the text, while the gently written chapters should be easy and enjoyable for children to read. Maps, exercises and review questions are also included. 154 pages, softcover. Grade 2.

This teacher's guide accompanies the Christian Liberty Press' Our Nation Under God Text.

Lesson plans arranged by week are included, and provide the page numbers to read in the text, definitions to review, Bible verses to integrate into the lesson, and activity/chapter review answers. Grade 2.

These tests accompany the textbook Our Nation Under God. Tests are comprised of multiple choice and/or true or false questions. There are 10-15 questions per test; pages are loose-leaf and stapled together. Answers are included. Grade 2.