Updated in 2008, Christian Liberty Press' bestselling Land of Fair Play features clear lessons on the duties of citizenship as well as the workings of the government. The theory, machinery and services of national government are explored, as well as the relation between national, state and local governments, elections, and the importance of the Constitution. Yet the primary emphasis remains on providing young adults with the knowledge and skills for them to exercise appropriate and responsible citizenship as a Christian.

Chapters feature easy-to-read chapters that focus on a single element of the government, and conclude with sections "Questions on the Text" and "Questions for Further Study." Appendixes provide information on Bills, Political Cartoons, writing public officials, The Constitution and more. 186 pages, grade 8.

The A Land of Fair Play, 3rd Ed. Answer Keyand A Land of Fair Play, 3rd Ed. Test Packet are both sold separately. Grade 8 (Remedial for Grades 9-12).

These tests accompany the sold-separatelyThe Land of Fair Play, 3rd Edition text. Tests contain primarily multiple choice and T/F questions. Tests are given every two chapters; answers included in a tear-out key. Tests are loose-leaf and stapled in the corner. Grade 8 (Remedial for Grades 9-12).