History Stories for Children, 3rd Edition from Christian Liberty Press introduces students to major historical events and important historical people from American and World history through engaging stories children will love to read! Students will improve reading skills while learning about Alexander the Great, King David, Ponce de Leon, The Pilgrims, and many others.

This new third edition has been reformatted, updated, and expanded. It has been enhanced with poetry, extension activities, and full-color images.

264 pages, softcover. 3rd Edition.

This teacher's manual provides additional background information, activities, and teaching resources for each of the stories in Christian Liberty Press’ History Stories for Children reader. In addition, it includes answers to the comprehension questions found at the end of most reading selections as well as directions for completing the extension activities, including website links for researching topics. 37 pages, booklet. Grade 3.

This book of student exercises is designed to be used in conjunction with the Christian Liberty Press History Stories for Children, 3rd Edition book. Activities for each unit are included, and feature coloring pictures, fill-in-the-blank sentences & words, writing exercises, research activities, and more. 18 pages, paperback.

This History Stories for Children, 3rd Edition Test Packet includes both tests and test answers for the History Stories for Children, 3rd Edition series from Christian Liberty Press. Six tests included; multiple-choice. Answer key included. Tests are loose-leaf and stapled in the middle.