A politically conservative interpretation of history, A Child's Story of America will teach children through a casual narrative tone. Covering a number of interesting figures in early American history, the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, and recent history, black & white photographs and two-tone brown & black illustrations and maps provide a vintage feel. Review questions are provided at the end of each chapter. KJV used. 200 pages, softcover. 4th Grade.

Parental Note: This book speaks plainly about Bill Clinton's "immoral sexual acts" and how he would "publicly promote and endorse the anti-God and anti-family life-style known as "gay" or "lesbian." George Bush's policies on the same issues are also reviewed. Grade 4.

This set of tests accompanies Christian Liberty Press' sold-separately A Child's Story of America, Second Edition. Matching and True/False type questions help to assess student retention and comprehension. Test answers are included in this stapled packet. Grade 4.

This is the answer key for A Child's Story of America. Answers to the end-of-chapter review questions are included, along with additional teacher information when necessary. Answers have student book page numbers noted. 8 pages, stapled binding. Grade 4.