Christian Liberty Press - Creative Writing

Writing creatively may seem like an impossible task, however, it’s a more attainable goal than you think. If you’ve ever written a letter, then you are a writer! All you need is some guidance to make your writing sparkle. Step by step, this writing guide will offer advice and ideas on how to use your imagination and develop your skills to write short stories, poetry, or even a novel. Creative writing means using God's gift of language in a way that imitates His creativity. Learning to write creatively for His glory can be fun and fulfilling. 137 pages, softcover. Grades 7 – 9.

This test packet accompanies Christian Liberty Press' The Exciting World of Creative Writing, and includes four pull-out tests and test key. Test 1 covers Chapters 1-6, Test 2 covers chapter 7-11, Test 3 covers chapters 12-17, and Test 4 covers Chapters 18-Appendix; a mixture of T/F, multiple choice, and matching questions are given. Answers are line-listed. Grades 7-12.