Christian Liberty Press Biology

Give your students a solid understanding of God's creation with this updated and improved Biology Text. Full-color photos, illustrations and charts throughout clearly display concepts discussed and help with visualization of terms and processes. From the scientific method to biochemistry to body systems and biogeography, each chapter looks at how God's plan and purposes are evidenced in creation. Scientifically accurate and true to a 6-day/young-earth creationism, Biology provides a scientific education that acknowledges God's role throughout. Review questions and suggestions for advanced study are included. Grades 10-12. 418 pages, hardcover, 2nd edition.

This teacher's manual includes extensive teacher's notes plus answer keys for the student text. Grades 10-12.

This student lab manual accompanies Christian Liberty Press' sold-separately Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity Student Text, 2nd Edition. Providing the hands-on experiences that biology students need in order to truly comprehend the subject, exercise pages provide an introduction, problem, materials needed, and procedure instructions. Room to record observations and discussion questions for afterwards are provided. 180 pages, softcover with comb-binding. Grades 10-12.

This teacher's guide accompanies the sold-separately Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity Student Lab Manual. Arranged by unit and exercise number, each entry in this teacher's guide includes the objective, preparation notes and information, and discussion answers. 56 pages, paperback. Grades 10-12.

This test packet contains 17 tests and the test answer keyfor Christian Liberty Press' Biology Textbook. Grades 11-12.