Building a New Nation features stories of America's important historical events such as America's westward expansion, the Civil War, and people such as Davy Crockett, Clara Barton, and Booker T. Washington, up through the mid-20th century. These selections will increase students' reading comprehension and vocabulary through questions, activities, and word lists located at the end of most selections. 230 pages, softcover. 5th Grade.

This student exercise book is designed to be used with the BUilding a New Nation Reader (sold-separately) from Christian Liberty Press. This workbook gives students the opportunity to take a deeper look into several of the readings and to reflect on what they have learned. Activities include creative writing story preparation, story analysis, play enactment, research report writing, and character trait identification. 18 pages, softcover.

This test packet is designed to be used with the Building A New Nation Reader (sold-separately). Eight tests feature a combination of true and false, multiple-choice, and matching questions to check for vocabulary knowledge and comprehension. Tests are stapled and designed to be separated. Answer key included.