BJU Press K5 Math


This kit contains a Teacher's Edition book, Student book, and a Student Manipulatives Packet. For more details on each individual item, click on the Related Product box below.

Introduce your K5 students to basic math skills with this fun BJU Press math worktext. Children will learn how to tell time (both digital and analog), add objects, count change, identify shapes and patterns, count, measure, and more. 323 pages, softcover. The spine of this workbook is specially designed to be un-attached, making it easier to remove the pages. 3rd Edition.

Also known as the Bob Jones Math K5, 3rd Edition worktext.

The manipulatives packet contains workmats, animal counters, geometric shapes, and money to be used in the lessons by the students. The packet also contains Number Cards, Dot Pattern Cards, a clock, rulers, and stick puppets. Many of the items are perforated for easy preparation. Softcover. BJU Press

The first part of the packet contains thirty-five teaching charts with colorful illustrations. These charts are frequently used in the lessons and may be displayed in the classroom. The second part contains manipulatives, money, stick puppets, Number Cards, and Dot Pattern Cards for teacher demonstration. These visuals are large duplicates of the items provided for each student in the Math K5 Student Manipulatives Packet. A few additional manipulatives such as the hundred, tens, and ones are provided for the teacher to use in demonstration teaching, but are not provided for the students.

The Teacher's Edition contains 160 lessons divided into 22 chapters. The colorful Student Worktext pages with answer overprint are included for each lesson. Each chapter is preceded by a Chapter Overview, which explains the chapter theme and contains notes about materials that need to be gathered and prepared for the lessons. A bulletin board is pictured and explained. Some chapters include A Little Extra Help section which provides ideas for helping the student who is experiencing difficulty with the concepts taught in the chapter. Each chapter concludes with a Chapter Review and a Cumulative Review lesson.The Teacher's Toolkit CD is located in the inside back cover. It contains 1-2-3 WRITE pages to provide additional number writing practice. The CD also includes the reproducible pages from the Appendix. The Teacher's Visual Packet Packet is available on the CD for use by home educators and those teaching small groups. Paperback, 512 pages.