BJU Press K5 Bible Truths

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Bible Truths Course

    Guide your students in learning truths from the Bible, beginning with Creation and continuing with a focus on several Old Testament characters, the life of Christ, prayer, and the life of Paul. The Teacher's Edition contains lessons that move chronologically through themes in the Old and New Testaments and that include music and visual patterns.

    This audio CD accompanies BJU Press' K5 Bible Truths Student Worktext with songs used in the curriculum. Most songs are split-track (songs that are not are marked as such in the linear notes), and may be played without voices through adjusting your CD player. 95 tracks on 1 CD.

    The Teacher's Picture Packet contains 30 colorful pictures to correlate with the lessons.

    This set of BJU Press Bible Truths K5 creation visuals (2nd Edition) features reproductions of seven original paintings by Douglas Chaffee. Artwork depicts the days of creation: light & darkness; sky & water; land; sun & moon; birds in the air & fish in the sea; people & animals; and a church. 20" L x 14" H.