BJU Press K5 Beginnings

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New! Focus on Fives Series

    Our new K5 package is your student's springboard into a lasting and enthusiastic relationship with reading, writing, and much more. Our sprightly presentation and creative attention to detail help children readily assimilate phonics, listening, and reading comprehension, science, Heritage Studies, and literature lessons.

    2 volume Teacher's Edition.

    This eye-popping workbook is full of bright colors and fun activities. Colors, seasons, sounds, matching, coloring, counting, Bible stories, songs and other fun workbook activities are included. 392 pages, softcover.

      This book helps you to achieve the goals of the Kindergarten Beginnings Reading Books.

    1. Invite children into the joy and benefit of reading.
    2. Begin building comprehension skill at the earliest levels.
    3. Provide appealing practice of kindergarten skills.
    4. Build silent and oral reading habits that further fluency.
    5. Encourage parent participation in the learning process.
      Lesson plans for the thirty-two readers correlate with the skills of the Beginnings Second Edition in present use. This teacher's edition also matches the skill progression in Phonics Practice for K5 and is an excellent tool for reading practice.

      1. The Phonics and Review Cards are durable teaching aids each student will want to have for spelling instruction and review.

        The colorful Phonics Charts Homeschool Packet contains a total of 84 loose-leaf cardstock "charts" that are part of the BJU Press (Bob Jones) K5 Phonics curriculum. This pack includes forty-four (8 .5" x 10.875" ) charts of the key words in the songs, word family cards, sentence cards for context clues, the phonics characters, and the alphabet.

        Teach your kids uppercase and lowercase alphabet with this beginning visuals for K5 that features:

        • Handwriting charts: uppercase and lowercase alphabet charts
        • Spelling Cards: alphabet letters for spelling activities.
        • Story Characters: The Hunter Family, The Vick Family, Family Friends, The Pets.
        • Teaching Visuals: 1. Colors All Around, 2. Pencil Hold, 3. Pine Hill, 4. Firefighters, 5. Traffic Safety, 6. Dottie's Sentences, 7. Postal Service, 8. Healthy habits, 9. Magnets, 10. Mother Goose, 11. Beatrix Potter, 12. Mr. and Mrs. Short, 13. Stories for Telling, 14. Bible Times. 15. Bible Animals, 16. Life in an Anthill, 17. Life Cycle of a Butterfly, 18. Pine Hill Zoo, 19. By the Pond, 20. Farm Animals, 21. Mountains High, 22. Mountain Music, 23. Home on the Prairie, 24. Plains Indians, 25. Rivers and Lakes, 26. Oceans Deep, 27. Count the Stars, 28. Alaska, 29. Miss Long and Marker e, 30. God's Four Seasons, 31. Working Together, 32. Vowels, 33. Miss Long All Alone, 34. The Roundtrip, 35. Life Cycle of a Plant, 36. Desert.
        Third Edition, spiral. BJU Press.

        1. BJU Press K5 Beginnings, Phonics Stories (Third Edition)
          BJU Press / 2004 / Other
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        The Phonics Stories gives each student his own copy of the stories in the Teacher's Edition for continued reading practice.

        1. BJU K5 Beginnings, Up the Ladder Supplementary Readers
          JourneyForth / 2000 / Trade Paperback
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        These readers accompany the K5 Phonics kit. 10 readers are included with both black and white and color illustrations.

        1. BJU Press Kindergarten 5 Beginnings Audio CD (3rd Edition)
          BJU Press / Compact disc
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        This CD accompaniesK5 Phonics worktext and is included in the kit. Songs, tunes, Spanish songs, vocabulary and verse, sounds, poems and a story interview are all included.

        The Write Now! Handwriting is comprised of sentence model activity sheets to help your student model writing strokes for PreCursive letters, numerals, and sentences.