BJU Press Grade 8 Bible

The Life of Christ

The Life of Christ, 1st Edition

BJU Press' Bible 8: The Life of Christ Curriculum Kit. The Bible is the true story of what God is doing to glorify Himself by redeeming His fallen creation. The Gospels present the life of Christ, not as a biographical sketch, but as the fulfillment of God's redemptive plan as promised in the Old Testament. Jesus has all of the characteristics of the Messiah and fulfills the Messiah's mission to advance the kingdom of God. Grade 8.

BJU Press' Bible 8: The Life of Christ Student Worktext, 1st ed. In the Student Edition, students will explore the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and promises as demonstrated in the life of Christ. They will continue to build their biblical worldview and their understanding of the big story of Scripture. The Student Edition functions as a brief commentary on an ag e-appropriate level in order to help students use their skills of observation and interpretation in the Student Activities. 296 pages, softcover.

BJU Press' Bible 8: The Life of Christ Teacher Edition, 1st ed. provides teachers with multiple teaching strategies to engage students rather than sticking to one dry lecture style. It is packed with rich content clearly aligned with scaffolded objectives, focusing on interpretation while also indicating appropriate applications. 358 pages, spiral-bound.

BJU Press' Bible 8: The Life of Christ Student Activities, 1st ed. introduce students to a simple Bible study method: observe, interpret, and apply. Students will see what the text says, learn how to determine what it means, and then apply that meaning to their lives. As an integral part of the course, students will use the Student Activities to build from basic observation skills to interpretation skills as they complete their Scripture reading assignments. A Prayer Journal guides them to pray scripturally and specifically. 192 pages, softbound. Grade 8.

BJU Press' The Life of Christ Student Activities Key, 1st ed. provides answers to the sold-separately The Life of Christ Student Activities and helps teachers determine a student's knowledge and understanding. 272 pages, spiral-bound. Grade 8.

This set of assessments is designed to be used for evaluating students using BJU Press' Bible 8, The Life of Christ, 1st Edition curriculum. Glue binding for easy removal.

This answer key accompanies the sold-separately BJU Press' Bible 8 Life of Christ, Assessments, 1st Edition. Full-page student tests are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid. Three hole punched, loose-leaf.

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