BJU Press Grade 6 Complete Kits

Save yourself the hassle of buying individual components; get everything you need for your core subjects with BJU Press' complete textbook kits! BJU Press' academically-sound, biblically-based courses have helped many homeschooling families fulfill their educational and spiritual goals. Grade 6.

This kit includes the following:

  • Heritage Studies 6: Student Textbook, Teacher's Edition, Activity Manual, Activity Manual Answer Key, Tests, and Test Answer Keys
  • Math 6: Student Text, Teacher's Edition, Student Manipulatives Packet, Tests, and Test Answer Keys
  • English 6: Student Worktext, Teacher's Edition & Toolkit CD, Tests, and Test Answer Keys
  • Spelling 6: Student Worktext and Teacher's Edition
  • Literature 6: Student Text, Teacher's Edition Set, Activities, Activities Answer Key, Tests, Tests Key, and three novels (The Book of  Three, A Single Shard, Island of the Blue Dolphins)
  • Science 6: Student Text, Teacher's Edition, Activity Manual, Activity Manual Answer Key, Tests, and Test Answer Keys
  • Handwriting 6: Student Worktext and Teacher's Edition


Please Note:  The kit image shown may show older editions of some subjects. Please see the list and links below for the subject editions that are included in this Complete Homeschool Kit. Teacher's Toolkit resources may be included as CD-ROMs, download, or printed materials.

The BJU Science 6 curriculum explores earth science, physical science, life science, and the human body. Hands-on activities bring concepts to life, and allow the student to see what biblical principles are at work in nature.

In the student textbook, clearly-written chapters will help students learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering, natural resources, cells, classification system, reproduction, genetics, atoms, molecules, motion, machines, and the nervous & immune systems. Science experiments, projects, diagrams, and charts are also provided, along with review exercises.

The teacher's guide features helpful teacher notes on background information, Bible application, cross-curricular links, and science activities are included. Lesson plans include objectives, any materials needed, a list of new vocabulary, unit introductions and lessons with scripted questions, activities, activity manual page numbers and directions, answers, and a variety of helpful teaching tips.

The Teacher's Toolkit CD-ROM in the back of the book includes the Activity Manual answer key, bulletin board ideas, diagrams, game bank, instructional aids, materials list, National Science Education Content Standards, rubrics, and science fair information. The system requirements for this CD-ROM are: Pentium IV processor, Windows XP or Mac OS Leopard (v 10.5), 256 MB RAM, 1024X768 Display, and Adobe Reader v. 9.0.

The activity manual features exercises that provide a framework for increasing students' understanding of the material, offering a more complete study than just reading the text. Worksheets include actual hands-on experiments with room to record the scientific process and observations; fill-in-the-blank/matching/multiple choice exercises based on the text; writing exercises; graphic organizers; puzzles; and chart completions.

The student activity manual answer key features full-page, full-color reproductions of the student pages with the correct answers overlaid. Lesson and student page numbers are noted.

The tests include questions that feature matching, map quizzes, short answer, essay, true/false and multiple choice. One test per chapter. The test answer key features full size reproductions of the student tests have the correct answers overlaid.

This BJU Press Science 6th grade, 4th Edition kit includes:

  • Student Text, 408 pages, softcover.

  • Teacher's Edition, 418 pages, spiralbound, soft frontcover and hard backcover.
  • Activity Manual, 252 pages, perforated and t hree-hole-punched, softcover.
  • Activity Manual Key, 252 pages, spiral-bound. Softcover.
  • Test Booklet, non-reproducible; glue binding for easy removal.
  • Test key, Pages are loose-leaf and three-hole-punched for easy keeping in a three-ring-binder.

This kit is an "updated edition" due to the inclusion of the physical Activity Manual Key, which was not included in the previous version as a printed book; it was only present on the Teacher's Toolkit CD-ROM.