BJU Press Grade 4 Handwriting

Enforce proper letter formation by teaching age-appropriate writing skills, laying a foundation for lifetime penmanship skills. By using paragraphs, journal entries and hymns, students learn consistency through meaningful practice. Handwriting Grade 4 provides refinement in their cursive skills.

Kit Includes:

  • Teacher's Edition
  • Student Worktext

  • Students will continue to improve their cursive handwriting skills with this Grade 4 student workbook from BJU Press! Featuring writing exercises that showcase America, students will copy down thematic words, culturally informative paragraphs, create their own compositions on various topics, and learn about the United States and its history! Posture, letter formation, slant, consistency, alignment, spacing, and neatness is emphasized.128 pages, softcover.

    This teacher's edition accompanies BJU Press' Grade 4 Handwriting Student Worktext. Student pages are reduced with answers overlaid; materials and preparation lists are provided before the step-by-step lesson. Sideboxed notes provide tips or additional information. Optional activities are also provided. Lessons will help students refine handwriting skills while writing journals, paragraphs, outlines, and hymns; chapters focus on a Sights of America theme with facts about states.

    This is a BJU Cursive Penmanship Wall Chart. Each section is 4.5" high and 22" long (total length of the chart -- 16.5').